Mohit Maheshwari
Mohit Maheshwari 26 July 2018

Role of User Experience in Success of an Ecommerce App

Giving the best user experience to a user is what everyone strives for, but a proper research about the market and your target audience will actually give you a clear picture on how you need to go ahead with your app.

User experience is obviously the experience you have when you are using an app.

Moreover, it is definitely the key point for the success of an app.

If you want an example of an app, which is successful, Amazon and eBay are the best examples. There was a time when eBay was the largest online store and Amazon was right behind. But after the smartphones came in and they had to come on mobile app platform, eBay failed miserably at this where are Amazon has taken over the whole online marketplace by storm. Well, that should explain the whole importance of UX.

User experience is --

  • The way your app looks
  • The way you feel while using the app
  • The usability

All these combine to be called as the user experience.

No matter how great you are digital marketing is, it all comes to the users to decide whether your app is successful or not. Therefore, if you are creating an app you should carry out a complete research on the UX because it will ensure your app’s success.

So what is the role of User Experience in your App’s success?

A great UX plays an important role when it comes to competing with other apps.

Before you create an app, you need to do a proper homework on things like traffic, features and the user experience of your competitor’s apps.

It’s completely fine if you are adopting a concept of other famous apps in the market, but what you need to understand is you need to provide a better User experience than the already famous app.

Instagram only has the option to post pictures, but after Snapchat gained popularity, most of the options from Snapchat are on Instagram now; do I really need to tell you what are those? These options helped Instagram retain most of the users who migrated to snapchat.

What is the role of UX in e-commerce?

All the types of Apps are one side and e-commerce itself is on the other side because it is all about conversions, converting the visit into a sale.

If you are building an e-commerce app, you need to consider these aspects:

  • Operational Simplicity
  • Strong branding
  • Security of users’ data
  • Effective use of visual elements
  • Clear data presentation via menus, catalogs etc.
  • User’s ability to leave feedback about goods and services
  • Design that supports the offer not overshadowing it


What are the principles and strategies of User Experience?

  • Utility
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Desirability
  • Branding and promotion

USP of your app

It is important to set what are the benefits of this app from others in the market and what makes it a core value through design.

Defined target audience

Especially in an e-commerce app, it’s important to set out who your buyers are from the initial stage of the project.

Knowing the demographics, potential problems and wishes. Level of tech literacy and trust to the idea of online shopping, the social circles influencing them and aspects forming their habits, app designers can be more precise searching for the shortest way to successful purchase.

Positioning, tone, and voice of the brand

How would you describe your brand? Are you friendly? Mass or Luxury? Exclusive or easily available? Does it communicate to potential buyers in formal, informal or semi-formal style? Does it open much or mostly keeps reserved silence creating the mystery around the offered goods?

All these questions may seem far from a business that has to be all about finance, profits, points of sales and other stuff in that category.

Still, these issues present the number of features, which will set the future brand image. Moreover, the design is somehow going to be its face, outfit, and representative.

Marketing and sales channels

No doubt, it’s hard to immediately set all the channels for selling and promoting the future product, however, effective business planning means thinking over the core of them from the beginning.

It will enable design team track and support the consistent experience of both getting to product and actually interacting with it.

Type of business relations

Type of business relations based on target customers deeply influences the core aspects of UX design.

Set from the start whether it is B2C, B2B or B2C to create a proper layout and predict possible user behavior, which helps you in building a suitable app.

A typical environment of use

When you are building an app, you need to know when, where and in which conditions users will typically use your app.

These factors have a considerable impact on the decisions about layout, color scheme, typography, transitions and interactions, which all need to have the global objective to make the process of using the app easy, quick and enjoyable.

Snapchat, as we know, is a social networking app, which is used to share stories of your day-to-day like through images and micro videos.

Yes, you have been doing the same through years on Facebook and Instagram and literally every other social networking site.

What has Snapchat done to achieve this?

Good market research

A market research on what kind of app they need to create, what are the options that people of the certain age group they are targeting want? What creates excitement? What creates users to make this app desirable? What are the demographics that need to be targeted?

All these gave snapchat what they need to build.

A different approach

We have had apps to post pictures, videos, and text statuses, what else could be done to make things different?

A post which lasts for 24 hours which is called a “Story” yes this feature is now on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, a whole lot of filters which make you change your voice, face swaps, make you a monkey or a bunny or something else.

While all the app development companies tried to copy the same old pictures and videos

The concept, Snapchat has done something better out of the same concept.

Excellent use of technology

Until now, apps were successful in using the camera, physical buttons, Gyro, accelerometer and a whole lot of advantages, which smartphones provide.

Snapchat has used Augmented reality, which is the first for a social media app. Augmented reality was already used by Converse and Ikea in the e-commerce category.

However, snapchat was the first to use this and create those crazy filters (not really a fan of those personally) which made them unique.

Robust build quality

An app, which is not robust and troubles the user while using it, is a complete failure.

Even if your concept or technology is weak, building a robust app always makes a difference and makes users choose you over other apps.

Which is why building a robust app is always recommended.

All these points mentioned above contribute to the User experience, you need to take care of all the aspects carefully to achieve and provide an amazing user experience, which would make the users to spend a whole lot of time on your app.


Giving the best user experience to a user is what everyone strives for, but a proper research about the market and your target audience will actually give you a clear picture on how you need to go ahead with your app.

Once you get a clear picture you need to follow the different aspects, which are mentioned above, I am sure you would come out with a cool app.

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