Prathamesh Yeotekar
Prathamesh Yeotekar 19 July 2018

Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Mobile Marketers

Organizations communicate and engage with their target audience in a relevant and interactive manner through a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that includes, but is not limited to, their smartphones, tablets, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

This is called a mobile marketing campaign. The mobile is an integral part of a person’s daily life and business, through which all communication flows and it is with the person at all times and everywhere. It requires a new perspective and a certain set of skills to truly crack this market and benefit from it.

The traits that differentiate run-of-the-mill mobile marketers from a cutting-edge difference maker are what makes a mobile marketing campaign truly stand out.  There are intrinsic traits and extrinsic traits that are needed to properly handle the Mobile Market.

Intrinsic Traits

Honest – Being honest builds trust in your company, adds to your reputation, breeds brand loyalty, increases team morale and even ensures long-term sales.

Optimistic – Being a pessimist will only result in a fear to take risks and adapt to changing trends in the mobile market which would lead to your marketing campaign failing.

Zest for learning – Mobile markets are one of the most dynamic fields and being a quick learner plays a large role when it comes time to conceptualize and implement your mobile marketing campaigns.

Detail oriented – In a market that is still relatively new, being detail oriented ensures a smaller margin of error as the marketer will be able to catch errors in the nick of time. Being able to think of different angles and scenarios during decision making is a huge benefit.

Humble – Marketers who are humble are considered more trusting and receptive to their team and to the market. They welcome feedback and criticism as they know it is the fundamental way to grow and change and better themselves and their strategies.

Risk taker – A marketer who is a risk taker has a unique way of thinking and an untapped creative potential. They even turn out to be high-achieving team players.

Curious – People’s ever-changing attitudes in a dynamic marketing landscape requires a marketer with a curiosity to learn new skills, discover new techniques and be open to new ideas.

Self-motivated – Marketers who are self-motivated are able to use their drive to solve problems or push projects without feeling the need to wait for instructions. Mobile marketing requires this kind of quick thinking.

In case you possess all of the intrinsic qualities listed above, congratulations, you are well on your way to becoming a successful Mobile Marketer but on the off chance that you have only some of these qualities; have no fear. There are certain extrinsic traits that you can develop in yourself so as to make up for the qualities you lack.

Extrinsic traits

Resilient leadership – The true value of a leader is determined by how well they display emotional strength, courage, and professionalism during the toughest of times. Resiliency is a critical component of effective leadership.

Storyteller – Leaders tell stories to inspire and motivate. Stories help build business and independent careers. In a market filled with millions of other businesses trying to reach your customers, being a great storyteller sets you apart.

Adaptability – The mobile market is a very dynamic market, with ever-changing consumer behavior. It is vital that marketers adapt quickly to these changes and help brands rethink how they present themselves to the World.

Problem Solver – As marketers, we apply the best marketing solutions to challenges set by the clients. So it is paramount that a successful modern marketer also is an efficient problem solver.

Out of the box thinker – An out of the box marketer is an innovative thinker who is able to react flexibly and creatively to difficult situations and problems faced by their team. They are able to effectively turn failures into success stories.

Quick thinker – Marketers with an agile mind, think about things differently. Being nimble and being able to see the World from the customers’ point of view will help the marketer evolve his strategies more quickly.

Courageous – One marketer virtue that informs and strengthens all others is courage. In the absence of courage, leadership, innovation, and sales begin to wither.

Trustworthy – If you violate your customer’s trust, you are guaranteed to lose them. A trustworthy marketer is more critical than ever. Trustworthiness means being reliable and taking responsibility for one’s actions and responsibilities; a trait required in a marketer.

Knowledgeable in ever-changing markets – A marketer that is able to read the market using rigorous situation analysis and by mapping the competitive landscape knows how to build a brand by properly understanding your audience.

Mobile marketing is being used for lead generation as well rather than only bringing traffic and budgets are increasing but an ill-qualified marketer will struggle to establish good connections with consumers, which will be a fatal flaw. Unless marketers can establish trust with their consumers and communicate value; success in mobile marketing is highly unlikely. Apart from the above innate qualities, work on the skills that can be acquired through training or experience. This will benefit you greatly, especially when you are developing strategies for your mobile marketing campaign.

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