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Vivek Dubey 11 July 2018
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7 Secrets Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically marketing done on the basis of sending e-mails to some limited people or industries. It works like broadcasting or advertising. Email marketing can be used to build relationships with people from different fields and to build loyalty and trust with others. Marketing these days has made a very good influence on people and here are the key secrets of Email Marketing.

  1. How to make the recipient feel special

It all starts with whom we are sending the Email. As for human nature, they like it when they are appreciated and treated nicely; so it involves recognizing and appreciating. When we send the mail, if it has the name of the recipient, they will feel special. By this simple act, we will have the attention of the recipient.

  1. Emails should be relevant

The main point of sending Mails is they should not have any irrelevant content. It’s common when emails are designed; the content is likely to address specific needs of the recipient. People like it when emails contain the information that matches their interests and gives them the best possible solution.

  1. Emails should have Brands

Branding Emails with company logo and designing them professionally will enhance the effect of emails and give them an authentic feel. This is going to help mails stand out more in an inbox and increase their probability of being read. Different things like banners or quotations can be also used. These things are eye-catching and make people interested in reading the mail.

  1. Content should be Different and Impressive every time

Well, people also get bored if the content of the mail is same every time they are receiving a mail. So, every single time the content should be different. Nowadays email is not just for texting anymore but a variety of contents like photos, short videos, memes, etc. Emails should always be short. Well, readers nowadays hate long paragraphs containing images and videos. Content should always be presented in such a way that the reader cannot resist.

  1. Timing has always been the critical part

Defining both timing and frequency can affect our email open and click-through rates. If the offer is best, the content is good but the timing is off it will go waste when it comes to your mail efforts. A strategy should be made from the beginning like on which days and time and how often the emails should be sent. If you don’t want all of your efforts to not be wasted you should send your content ahead of time to be seen later on weekends or holidays.

  1. Fonts have their impacts too

Yes, it’s a brand image and you have to show some of your texts in gothic fonts let’s say. Well, this font thing can turn into a disaster, as the customer might not have the standard fonts installed on their computer and browser so this could be a bad idea. So we should stick to conventional fonts e.g. Arial, Times New Roman etc. Using simple fonts make the Emailer even more attractive.

  1. Giving Feedback plays an important role

There should always be a link within the templates for marketing emails as the recipient can give us the feedback on the emails received. Well, this will lead to great opportunities to know what the recipient has liked and what he hasn’t. Well, this will create an impact on the recipient that we not only care about their needs but we do care about their likes and dislikes.

The most effective marketing e-mailers are simple, contains a lot of information in short notes. Follow the tips given above, so that you also excel and use the true power of effective email marketing in no time.

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