Luisana Cartay
Luisana Cartay 2 August 2018

5 Social Galleries To Inspire Your Visual Commerce Efforts

Sometimes, all you need is a little eCommerce inspiration! That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 brands whose social galleries will get your gears grinding. After all, customer content is one of the most lucrative ways to increase conversions on your store. So if you haven't started integrating earned content into your website...let these 5 examples show you why you need to.

  1. Cluse Watches

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First up on our list - Cluse Watches, which uses a social gallery to populate the “Lookbook” section of their website. Shoppers can scroll through the pictures to see how Cluse’s customers have paired their watches with their outfits, and the beauty of this is...

User Generated Content examples

...upon clicking on a specific picture, there’s a direct link to photo with the featured watch, making it extremely easy for the viewer to shop the look!

2. DENHAM The Jeanmaker

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DENHAM The Jeanmaker has recently put their focus on providing high-quality customer content for shoppers on their eCommerce site. Founded in 2008 by Jason Denham, the brand sells premium Dutch style to a devoted base of customers. So why not turn that devotion into social proof?

Now customers can be endlessly inspired by social content on the site. Plus, their gallery is completely shoppable, giving consumers the optimum eCommerce experience.

User Generated Content examples

By showing off their products on real customers, it gives potential customers a sense of satisfaction. They'll be able to visualize what the product might look like on them, which helps people determine whether or not they want to make a purchase.

The best part? DENHAM was so excited by their Lookbook that they integrated UGC directly into their new shoppable app. The UGC potential never ends!

3. INUK Home

Do you struggle imagining how to design or style your home? INUK home is here for you with their social gallery.

Displaying photos from social media of how other customers style their homes, shoppers have the opportunity to see what’s possible with INUK products.

When it comes to selling designs and furnishings for the home, a gallery like this can provide the vision and social proof that customers need to make a purchase of their own.

4. Adexe

User Generated Content examples

Adexe is the first brand created by The Club W Limited in the UK, and their social gallery game is on point.

They're known for selling minimalist watches at an affordable price for both men and women by "melding mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse."

Their stylish Instagram gallery matches the look and feel of this self-proclaimed 'non-conformist' brand and give wearers the opportunity to reflect their own spirit through the product - exactly what the brand hopes to achieve.

Check out their website to see how well their UGC gallery integrates into the brand's style. One glance, and you can see why customer content is an eCommerce must-have.

5. Cruilla Barcelona

Cruilla Barcelona, an eclectic music festival featuring bands from across the musical spectrum, uses a social gallery in their website to display how much attendees enjoy the event.

Because so many people post pictures at major music festivals - tagging their location and using event specific hashtags - it’s the perfect opportunity to collect that content and use it on their eCommerce site.

When people are deciding whether or not to spend the cash on the event, they are encouraged by the faces of people who had a great time at previous festival dates.

When you see an awesome experience, you’re more likely to want to have an experience too!

Parting words

I hope these social galleries have been inspiring for your visual commerce goals. These were just a few examples, but there are tons out there!

The reality of the eCommerce industry is that it’s evolving rapidly and online merchants are, across the board, getting increasingly sophisticated. As an online seller, you have to push it to the next level to compete.

To leap ahead of your competitors, increase conversions, and more authentically engage shoppers, you’ve got to adopt new technologies to keep your site inspiring. A social gallery like any of these examples can boost you in the right direction!

This blog post was originally published in the Photoslurp Blog.

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