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Bryan Christiansen 26 January 2018
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5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Team's Productivity

Marketers rarely work alone. As much as 84% of marketers work on a marketing team. This makes it challenging to keep marketing teams productive. A survey revealed that 75% of employers are of the view that over 2 hours of efficient work is lost every day. The hard part – you never know what’s killing your marketing team’s productivity.

There isn’t any silver bullet that can make your team efficient but the following 5 ways to improve a marketing team’s productivity will help you bring it back on track.

1. Make campaigns data accessible to everyone

The way how a marketing team works is different than how your sales (or other) teams work. A marketing team cannot produce results if campaign data isn’t available to every team member.

If social media manager doesn’t know the progress of content creator, he won’t be able to plan and schedule social media posts.

Whether it be a PPC campaign, a social media campaign, an influencer marketing campaign, or any other, be sure to keep everyone from the marketing team in the loop.

2. Use an appropriate team management tool

Working in a team isn’t easy if you don’t have a decent team management tool. Statistics show that 20% of workweek is wasted looking for information from a colleague and 28% of workweek is wasted in managing emails.

For instance, your ad manager needs a go from landing page designer so he can create ads based on the design and content of the landing page. A lot of time can be saved if ad manager knows the progress of the designer.

This is where a team management app can be of great help. Apps remove manual work, delays, and makes communication and collaboration a piece of cake.

Tools like Trello, Asana, Teamweek, and Flow makes your marketing team productive by allowing them to share tasks, assign tasks, share progress, communicate, and keep track of everything at a single place.

Not to mention, using a mobile app itself makes team members creative, satisfied, and productive, according to a survey.

If you aren’t using a project management app, this is one reason why your marketing team isn’t doing well.

3. Measure individual performance

Not all the members of a team perform equally well. Some of them do exceptionally well, others struggle to meet deadlines.

Start measuring individual employee performance to boost individual’s productivity which will improve overall team performance. When individual team members aren’t held responsible for assigned tasks, they don’t put their 100%.

Your job is to identify right performance metrics to see how well team members are doing. Use of appropriate tools like CMMS can be of great help to identify underperforming employees who need training. There are several benefits of CMMS such as track employee performance, reduce cost, and others.

When you’re measuring employee performance and planning for training, make sure they aren’t subject to overload. Employees who feel they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks on daily basis and are overloaded with work are reported to be less productive by 68% as compared to their peers.

So there are two things you have to do to improve marketing team productivity:

  1. Ensure work is distributed equally and fairly among all the members and no one is overloaded.
  2. Identify right performance metric for every team member based on his/her tasks.

4. Improve team communication

Research shows that improvement in communication and collaboration can increase a team’s productivity by a whopping 25%.

A survey revealed that as much as 96% of employees said that unnecessary emails waste their time. Save your marketing team’s time with a team collaboration software.

Keep your marketing team connected. It is best to use a communication app that helps them collaborate throughout the week. This will help save time that’s wasted on reading emails, communicating internally with peers, and searching information.

A project management tool does work as a communication tool but it is best to use a separate tool like Slack or Flock. An app that’s specifically made for team communication does a far better job than your project management tool’s messaging service.

5. Timely feedback

Nothing works better than timely feedback. If your marketing team is not meeting deadlines or a couple team members are under-performing, talk to them immediately.

Don’t waste time.

Don’t wait for the next scheduled meeting.

It isn’t wise to wait for a whole week to share your team’s lags with them, tell them on time so they can fix things before it gets too late.

Monitor your team’s performance in real-time and give instant feedback. This is the best way to improve productivity.


Your marketing team is the backbone of your business. If it isn’t performing well, nothing else will work. Imagine your marketing team ends up focusing on a poor unique selling proposition, no matter what, you won’t see it working.

Let’s make them more productive – and grow your business.

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