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Shea Drake 4 January 2018
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5 Ways to Repurpose, Revamp, and Upcycle Your Content

Have you ever had a piece of content that you were sure would take off but then it fell flat? Or have you had successful pieces that you wish you could recreate and reuse again with the same success? You can! Instead of constantly creating new content, look to what you've already created and make it better.

Content is somewhat of a guessing game. Sometimes, pieces you underestimate perform insanely well while others you invest time and money into flop. So how do you get more bang for your buck with your existing content, give old content new legs, and create some sustainability in your content marketing practices? Learn how to transform content by using the following five tips.

1. Use What’s Working and Add On

Don’t throw away content. Instead, optimize pieces you already have that get good traffic or pieces that could get better views. Determine how you can improve upon existing content utilizing heatmapping programs that let you see where your users spend most of their time. Then, look at your analytics to see when and where viewers are dropping off your website and particular content pieces.

Once you know what’s working or what isn’t come up with a plan. Keep what’s popular in your content pieces, incorporate information and design components you admire in a competitor’s content, enhance your content with infographics and videos, and make your formatting more scannable and easy to consume. These small tweaks might make a world of difference for your existing content.

2. Turn Blog Content into Emails

If you have a piece of content that fell flat but has great information in it, it could be fantastic for an email marketing campaign or e-newsletter. Email marketing results in an average 122% return-on-investment, outperforming every other marketing channel.

Whether you’d like to promote your content in an electronic newsletter or a more sales-heavy message, utilize email marketing tactics that boost results like captivating subject lines, segmenting content for different audiences, and implementing smart design and functionality. When your content makes it to your consumers, your carefully crafted content could do a 180-degree flip and pleasantly surprise you.

3. Make a Video

According to HubSpot, video is one of the preferred forms for consuming content, and by 2019, 80% of all web traffic will go to video. If you haven’t dabbled in video yet, start small with something, like a Facebook Live video, that doubles as evergreen content and a social media publicity stunt.

According to research, 80% of customers prefer to watch a brand video than read an article. Take your content and turn it into a script, short film, or talking points for an improvisational video. Then, combine it with your written content and see how it does. When video and written content are used together, you can bump up your SEO and domain authority and start to see better organic traffic to your entire website.

4. Try an Instagram Campaign

Instagram is the social media king for consumer engagement. According to Forbes, consumers engage with brands on Instagram more than any other platform. Either use your business Instagram account to promote a sale, connect with customers on a personal level, or highlight a piece of content and drive traffic to your website. You can also give your content a new life of its own as a standalone campaign on the social network.

If you have a savvy social media team, try an Instagram Story with a poll that motivates followers to engage with your brand. You could even do a giveaway or a promotion that ties with your reimagined content. Whatever you choose, start brainstorming ways to transform your content on Instagram to resonate with your audience, show up in more feeds, and gain more traction with current and potential customers.

5. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are picking up steam and come in all shapes and sizes. Based on research, 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast. Plus, some podcasts, like Serial, have even gone viral. To start percolating ideas, review some tips about how to launch a successful podcast. Tailor your podcast around your audience, research your competitors’ podcasts if they have them, use previously written content as a base, and make your podcast something you’d want to listen to. When you’ve checked off all these main points, your new podcast content should be on its way to becoming popular and valuable to your brand.

The beauty of digital marketing and the internet is that content can change appearances, expanding your reach to different demographics and giving your content more avenues to be seen and heard on.

Like any other form of marketing, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one content category. Instead, try a multifaceted content approach by using the tips above. The more you stay on your toes with trends, the better your consumers will receive you content.

Peter Cressey
Peter Cressey

Great article! I have a few pieces of mine I could use this on.

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