Ronald van Loon
Ronald van Loon 11 January 2018

How Is Artificial Intelligence Delivering Personalised Content Experiences For Consumers?

Artificial Intelligence is driving our efforts toward delivering a personalised content experience. Experience is not some academic or grandiose idea, it's the biggest enterprise disruption in 60 years!

Your friend’s and family’s behaviors are shaped by being consumers, whether they are interacting with technology on their mobile devices, at a bank kiosk, or using a touchscreen in retail or their car. 

Digital is everywhere. We can tangibly see it in our everyday lives. This is changing the way companies organize themselves departmentally, and how they architect themselves technologically. 

Enterprises need to change the way they think about technology. But the biggest organizational change becomes how you break down departmental silos, and put the customer at the forefront of what you are trying to do. Customers are only concerned with a consistent story from your enterprise that is personalized with what they are trying to achieve. But with the amount of data skyrocketing within organizations, how do you make real personalized experiences for customers?

John Mellor, who runs the Strategy and Business Development and Alliances Group at Adobe, gives us all a practical example in his everyday life...

IoT is quickly becoming a key technology in giving truly personalized experiences for customers. John travels often on a specific airline, who sends John alerts to his phone, such as when his luggage is being boarded. This is an IoT interaction because John’s luggage passed an IoT sensor that resulted in his phone being automatically alerted, which greatly improves his experience as an airline customer and traveler.
This is just one of millions of examples of how enterprises are improving the customer experience. 

But what about from an organization's perspective? How are technologies helping organizations overcome challenges when delivering a great and personalized customer experience?

Let's take a look at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

It's impossible for people to look at and understand the vast quantities of data being generated and determine trends or anomalies within that data. 

But Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can watch data and spot trends or positive or negative anomalies. It facilitates in identifying offerings for consumer groups based on regions or demographics, for example. It helps enterprises operate efficiently and profitably because they make the customer experience better, which results in more loyal customers.

Technologies like AI and ML are essentially augmenting human tasks, making it easier to interact with customers. But the amount of data in an organization, or the algorithms put against that data, is no longer the greatest bottleneck to giving great personalized customer experiences.

Content now becomes the bottleneck to personalization. Finding enough content, breaking it down into subcomponents, and combining it with other content becomes the ultimate challenge for truly becoming personal with your audience. 

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