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Saurin Shah 19 February 2018
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Why you should develop an offline mobile app

If you have a SmartPhone without an internet connection, it’s impossible to install or use a mobile app. For this reason, you should think about building an offline mobile app. This is the new booming trend and mobile app developers are taking a huge interest in developing such apps.

Just refer below statistical data from Business2Community:

As of March 2017, the lowest penetration of internet access is still Africa and Asia (China excluded). However, between 2000-2017, that penetration has increased by 7,557.2% and 1,539.4% respectively.

And this shows no sign of stopping. This is a huge population of current and potential app users. Unfortunately, infrastructure still lags and consistent connectivity is a big issue.

Even in the U.S., it is estimated that 15% of users are actually using offline apps at any given time. They are on airplanes; they are on subways; they are in areas famous for “dead zones”.

Mobile apps are booming all over the world delivering its awesome features for the users. We all are aware of the fact that Mobile App Development for Online Business is a beneficial task and should get performed effectively. There are many different mobile app development companies but it’s purely your decision to choose the topmost and leading Mobile App Development Company. Mobile app developers are striving hard to adopt new technologies and make use of new tools for delivering up-to-date mobile apps in the market.

Have you ever imagined your life without SmartPhone, Internet Connection and Mobile Applications?

This is something never imagined because whenever our internet pact gets finished, we opt for new recharge as soon as possible. As we all are highly addicted towards the use of the Internet, SmartPhone and Mobile Apps and these three are obviously interconnected. If you have a SmartPhone without an internet connection, it’s not possible to install or use a mobile app. For this reason, you have to Build Offline Mobile App which is the new booming trend and mobile app developers are taking a huge interest in developing such apps that work without an internet connection.

Before we go ahead it is important to understand that what are these offline mobile apps?

If we talk about messaging apps then WhatsApp is the most trending application which people are using day and night like 24 hours. But the app will work with an internet connection and as soon as the connection gets terminated, your messages will not send until you get an internet connection. In short, we can define offline apps as the apps that work even when your net connection gets disconnected and you can resume the app from where the connection is lost. Build Customize App for your Startup business and get full profit from the starting point.

Importance of Offline Mobile Apps

There are huge benefits of developing such an app that will work in offline mode. The real motto of such apps lies in building a reliable and secure environment that will be useful for people from all ages and all the types like kids, adults, office persons, homemakers, colleges and school people. Developing an app that will work even in offline mode or adopt the offline capability will allow people to get flexible mobile app experience when the connection is low, slow, flickering or not working. These are the best advantaged to get a place in your users’ heart as they will found it very easy to use your app.

Here are some major reasons that will drive you to develop an offline app for your business area

  • Users will always enjoy the mobile experience even when they are in a bad network area.
  • With such a great feature, users will prefer your app and also recommend it to their friend and family.
  • All the customers will trust your app as everyone likes to use the app instantly and without any particular condition.
  • You can be in touch using the app even when you are traveling.
  • Offline mobile app services are extremely helpful for having a full control of the caching process.
  • Effective medical treatments will be provided in the rural areas where there is no internet connection or poor connection.
  • You can manage all the activities of your enterprise with full flexibility using an app that works without internet connection.
  • At times, the whole process of storing the data on the server requires a strong connection so, with an offline saving option, you can make changes when you need.

Below are the top benefits of offline mobile app development that will enhance user experience and will help your business to get huge profits:

1. No roaming cost when you are traveling

When you are traveling abroad, some app demands thousands of pounds to access the large data network. It can be expensive as with offline mobile app, you can access the app without any expense.

2. No monthly data usage on maps

Mobile app which is working even in offline modes is best for saving your data which at times is limited with you and needs for other things like sending or receiving pictures or web browsing and more such things.

3. Quick loading time

Offline mobile apps are not only beneficial for saving your money or data but also they have plenty of features. It provides speedy loading of the app even when the connection is poor and provides a streamlined access to all the features of the app.

4. Saves your battery

The next and most useful benefit of the offline mobile app is that it saves the battery of your mobile phone which usually gets more used when you are traveling and then your phone gets switch off when you are about to reach your destination. This condition you can avoid using offline mobile apps.

Wrap Up:
The world is growing higher day by day with the use of trending technologies. The mobile application with a full support of offline mode is escalating at a higher rate. The mobile app developers are doing an awesome job on the grounds of developing offline mobile apps. With the use of such mobile apps that works without an internet connection are highly useful and full of features. Customers and business owners both are at beneficial points that are using and developing offline mobile apps for their business areas. If you also want to take your business to the next successful level, you must contact the best mobile app development for getting the best results.

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