Nick Rojas
Nick Rojas 6 February 2018
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Transform Your Business by Incorporating a Social Media App

If gaining a massive following is the sole reason you are active on various social media platforms, you are on the wrong track. Your followers will get bored sooner or later, so it is vital for you to turn them into active and powerful brand evangelists of your business. Smart business owners have quickly followed this new paradigm and it is high time you follow suite if you want to transform your business.

​One of the main advantages of incorporating a social media app into your business is enhanced exposure and visibility.  Every second, people share thoughts and valuable insights on social media sites through posts, tweets, or blog comment on the digital environment. All this information can bring valuable insights to your business. That is where social media integration into your app comes in. When your  business app is integrated into social media platforms, your active users can easily share their activities with their friends, increasing your business’ visibility. This also results in increased traffic.

Integrating a social media app also helps you promote your brand without being too pushy. Most people are weary of the sales-y tone utilised in most advertising channels. A social media app just lest you be natural as you making real conversations with your customers and joining in on other discussions. 


Quick tips how on  to integrate social media into your app:

  • Use your social media landing page as a billboard for your app; create a banner advertisement or an engaging display ad on your website. Wherever someone clicks on a tweet or a post from your app, they are going to share interesting things they see on your app.
  • Make good use of keyword optimization; ensure the title of your app has a few of your top keywords. You also want to ensure that as you describe your app, the first paragraph is well plugged in with your most valuable keywords. Mobile application SEO practises makes your app an eye catching one to those searching for your business.
  • Allow people to sign- in using their social media accounts; an easy and streamlined sign up process will save your users the trouble of having to fill forms. When you allow for this feature, your app will automatically retrieve user's info on their personal social media accounts. This creates more time for them to do other things with your app such as creating in-app profiles.
  • Publish the things people do in your app on their facebook activity feed; the Facebook Activity Feed lets you promote your app. If someone sees an interesting pop-up on their activity feed, they click it and it takes them to your website. The next step is the user being prompted to download your app.
  • Make your Content Tweet-Able; you want visitors to your business app share content with their followers. The click to tweet functionality enables you to include links in your online marketing content so that users can tweet a specific phrase.

The Final Take

If you incorporate some or all of the above mentioned strategies, you will boost your social media integration. Test each of these tips to see which one is more effective for your business.  

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