Pragya Sugandha
Pragya Sugandha 26 February 2018

Carving Insights From Data: State of Analytics in 2018

The year 2018 promises a great deal in the realm of Analytics and Business Intelligence, making them crucial to key enterprise initiatives, strategic decision-making, and management. Even though Big Data is the basis of actionable insights, to arm themselves further with technological capabilities, enterprises are looking at predictive analysis, data science, deep learning, insights-as-a-service, and machine learning.

However, with the proliferation of Big data, all the more precision is needed in analytics, so enterprises can create value, optimize, and strategize to meet their desired objectives.

The year will also see adoption of data democratization on a larger scale, where everyone, across the organization, systems and entities have access to the data. Here’s a peek into what the year has in store with respect to data and analytics.

Insights-as-a-Service Will Go Bigger Than Before

Enterprises may overstretch their internal teams’ and data platforms’ abilities, while dealing with big data. That’s where Insights-as-a-Service comes in. As enterprises concentrate on achieving their business goals, the service provider offering Insights-as-a-Service, and does all the heavy lifting. They use the latest cloud based architecture and technologies, along with analytical tools and business intelligence to meet your needs. They use data from all possible resources such as data in public domain, is anonymized, competitive or comparative. They’ll secure, sort, clean and dig out insights for you. Although, Insights-as-a Service gained popularity a couple of years back, it’s all set for a complete resurgence now.

The Meteoric Rise of Data-Ops

When DevOps happen to Data, it becomes DataOps. The need for speed in innovation is coercing enterprises to constantly evolve in what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it.

DataOps facilitates optimal usage of the data at hand via a data architecture, that is maintained, to bring down barriers amid IT operations and software development. It also bridges the gap between engineers, analysts, and data scientist and related stakeholders.

In short, DataOps bolsters communications between the ones who collect, organize, analyze the data and the one who employ that data for business or analysis. Enterprises’ appetite for insights is increasing and DataOps will play a pivotal role, where data engineers alone, won’t be the sole custodians of it.

Data Analysts, Scientist and AI Experts Come to Rescue!

With the popularity of Big Data going up, the need of experts who can assess it is also soaring. Businesses are roping in specialists who can help them formulate cutting-edge strategies with the aid of invaluable insights. While Data Analysts zoom in on the data to find patterns, arrive at conclusions with the help of algorithmic or mechanical processes to unearth insights, Data Scientists intertwine statistics, programming, problem-solving and maths, coupling it with their own inventiveness to discover patterns in tackling with ordered and unordered data. Likewise, an AI Expert’s role is to use maths algorithms that go by the name of deep neutral networks, and are capable of learning tasks by investigating the data.

The need for all these professionals is on the rise across industries, as what insights are capable of, is second to none.

More Dependence on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Statistical methods to assess customers’ behavior, probable changes in the market by using techniques like predictive modelling, data-mining or machine learning and a host of other statistics to analyze the past, are the building blocks for Predictive Analytics.

On the other hand, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps computers in self-learning, without the need of any programming, in reaching exact, data powered decisions, is defined as Machine Learning. The year will see both Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, being brought into the mainstream, to deliver business goals and optimize business processes across enterprises of all sizes.

Wrapping Up

Enterprises are looking for correlations that will eventually become the basis of key decisions, to challenge their existing intelligence gathering model.

Analytics-enabled decision-making fuelled by data science and AI, is spreading like prairie-fire, witnessing massive growth. However, if you haven’t yet made use of these technologies, you haven’t missed the bus. According to Harvard Business Review, an array of businesses aren’t even near to using analytics they way they should. With an increased usage of Analytics in a variety of devices and platforms, big data space will be even more cluttered, challenging and a lot more competitive. The time to reap the benefits of your data is here and now. Are you ready to grasp the opportunity?

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