Paresh Sagar
Paresh Sagar 20 August 2018

Why Restaurants Should Create An Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect live view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input like video, sound, GPS data or graphics. With this ability Augmented Reality is greatly helping businesses to expand considerably by providing real-life experiences to the customers,

Seeing the immense benefits and uses of AR, Restaurant businesses have also started to embrace this technology endowment by deciding to create an Augmented Reality app or implementing it in different ways.

Due to the emergence of Augmented Reality in food and hospitality industry, the demand for restaurant app development companies is also increasing drastically in order to use this technology in the most excellent way. If you are a restaurant owner looking for latest technology solutions then you must be acquainted with all the effective uses and benefits of Augmented Reality and decide to create restaurant app for your business using this innovative technology.

Here Is How Restaurants Are Benefiting From Augmented Reality Apps:

Offering AR Food Menus

With AR restaurants can create a detailed 3D model of actual menus or dishes to provide an advanced version of conventional menus to the customers. Customers can use their Smartphones or tablets to view the digital representations of food menus and additional information like portion size, nutritional information, ingredients, and more. AR food items can be customized to demonstrate complementary alternatives for drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Most of the restaurants have already deployed restaurant apps that enable customers to see such 3D models of food menus. Kabaq is one of the best examples of such apps. You can also create a restaurant app using AR to offer 3D view of your restaurant menus to the customers.

Improved Customer Engagement and Experiences

Augmented reality apps can be used to promote discounts, happy hours, specials in a more interactive manner that keeps customers engaged with the restaurant. Further customers always look for new experiences and services, be it from a restaurant or some other businesses. An Augmented reality restaurant app fulfills all such expectation of customers by providing a new-fangled dining experience to them. Restaurants can also integrate video content like chef interviews, cooking videos and customer testimonials to drive customer engagement and improve brand visibility. When you create a restaurant app using AR you not only get the customer attention but also increase the reputation of your restaurant in the market.

Know Customer Preferences

AR-based food items or AR apps can act as a tool to gather data related to customer preferences. AR restaurant app can have features that give data on trendy dishes; time customers spend on exploring promotional features and collect answers from surveys to offer valuable data to restaurant owners.

Search Niche Customers

Restaurant apps and AR menus are excellent ways to overcome language barriers and connect distant customers, as the apps can be customized for multiple languages. Further the addition of complete nutritional information leads to improved customer engagement. You can also allow customers to search for food according to their specific requirements like dietary food, religion-based dietary food, food for diabetics, etc.

Best Examples of Restaurant Augmented Reality Apps

Yelp’s Monocle

Yelp a nearby restaurant and business finder platform has introduced its new Monocle app.  The Monocle app searches and displays nearby restaurants and services on your screen using the smartphone’s camera, compass, and GPS. Customers can tap on any restaurant and see more real-time information, such as maps to restaurants, reviews of your favorite restaurant, and etc. all with Augmented Reality.

Starbuck’s Holiday Cups

Starbucks’ Augmented Reality app gets coffee cups to life with sledding ice skaters, Christmas trees, polar bears, and more.

Domino’s Ad Interaction

Domino Pizza in the UK used AR to create interactive 3D ads in the Blippar App. Besides ads, customers can also view the special offers, menu, and order by a quick scanning by their phone.00


The perks of AR restaurant apps are quite remarkable. In this technology era, it has become essential for every business to adopt the latest technology trends.  AR is one of the most flourishing technologies that restaurants are integrating to expand and stand unique in the competition. 

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