It’s not web design and web development, it’s problem solving

When you choose to invest in your website, your decision isn’t motivated by a simple desire to alter its creative design. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. As your most important digital asset, it’s crucial that your website is specifically designed to help you to solve your business problems and help achieve your core business objectives.

Whether you want to increase your reach; drive leads; increase your online sales; or provide an immersive online experience that engages your audience and innovatively communicates your ethos and brand values, you need your website to help you to achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.

Addressing the inevitable obstacles of key business objectives

Understanding the problems faced by a business is a crucial part of the web design and development process. As well as demonstrating excellent design skills, the best web design agencies fundamentally understand how to use tools, techniques and technologies to help with the problem-solving process. In practice, the answer to the unique issues faced by a business can never be found in a gallery of design inspiration.

Every business objective brings with it specific challenges and barriers that require their own tailored solutions. A well-designed website considers both creative design and user experience to identify and resolve problems, and ensure that your business is positioned to overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your success.

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One size does not fit all

Web designers who look at inspirational galleries and treat the work there as definitive examples as to how best to create and develop interfaces and user experiences will always fail to produce first-class work for their own clients. Why? Well, those galleries are simply full of solutions to the problems faced by other businesses.

The importance of understanding the unique intricacies of each business

Taking time to get to know the needs, desires, frustrations and expectations of an audience is the first step in designing and developing a website with a fully functional and effective UX. When you meet with a web design agency, they should never simply ask you for a list of features and requirements.

Understanding the intricacies of your business, your history, motivations, challenges, target audience and ethos will ensure that the web design agency builds a comprehensive picture as to precisely why things aren’t currently working well and what is preventing you from exploiting the full potential of your digital presence.

Constructing web design solutions through effective listening

The answer as to ‘why ‘visitors are not converting will only ever be discovered through research and listening. Is the problem the product or service itself? Is it the price or the effectiveness of the value proposition? Is something failing to meet the expectations of the target audience, or are competitors providing something better?

If the problem isn’t the product, is the online experience frustrating or confusing and can consumers locate the answers to their questions easily? Sometimes, although you might intuitively know what the issue is, you may not fully comprehend the root of the problem or be able to articulate it fully. A user experience-led web design agency can translate the research into actionable insight in order to inform key web design decisions and ensure the outcome is results driven.

If you are considering a website redesign and want to ensure that the solution will tackle your business challenges and produce real results, look beyond simply a pure web design agency. Investing in the research and insights will help inform the problem solving solutions that will drive design and development of your website.

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