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Digital Doughnut 16 August 2018

SevenVentures offer free TV advertising at DMEXCO Trending topics for 2019…

For the first time, DMEXCO, Cologne, Germany will be hosting the SevenVentures Pitch Day (7VDP) according to Forbes, one of the most important prizes for Entrepreneurs worldwide. SevenVentures are offering a prize package of 3 million euros in TV media budget, 200,000 euros in online marketing budget and 30,000 euros for the creation of the winner’s TV commercial and a four-month mentoring programme with Procter & Gamble.

From Start-up to Brand

DMEXCO is an ideal opportunity for Start-ups, who want to take their company to the next level. Florian Pauthner, CEO, SevenVentures comments:

‘DMEXCO fits our motto ‘from start-up to brand’. As a central meeting place for the community of digital decision makers, major brands, international investors and opinion leaders, it’s perfect for networking, for start-ups and our Pitch Day.’

SevenVentures is not a conventional venture capital fund but supports companies with growth capital in the form of media for equity, an investment model used in Germany, Sweden and the US. It is the investment arm of ProSiebenSat1, a TV entertainment player in Germany, who then divest successful start-ups. As global digital advertising spends were higher than for TV for the first time last year, is this the future of revenue generation in TV?


Video Projects from around the world

With an impressive speaker line-up, this is not the only new revenue generating media model that will be discussed at DMEXCO. Rus Yusupov, founder of HQ Trivia, Jim Egan, CEO BBC Global news, Kelly Day, Viacom Digital Studios are a few of over 550 speakers who will take to the stage. How are broadcasters, publishers, platforms, content studios and media houses from all over the world working with the moving image? These projects can be experienced personally on the Motion Stage at DMEXCO.

2019 – AI, Voice and GDPR

The two day glocal networking covers much more than TV.  In the run-up, the conference team has been relentlessly interviewing experts and reviewing content suggestions from marketing and media professionals and tech pioneers. They see three key trends emerging for 2019:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Voice
  • GDPR

And it’s not all talk from the top. Anyone attending can have their own say at the Hyde Park Style Forum or in the 140 Seminars and work labs organised by exhibitors and partners.

Has Virtual Reality finally got a breakthrough for Marketing Communications?

And it’s not all talk!  All the latest technologies will be available to be tested and personally experienced in the World of Experience at the Expo. Rolf Illenberger, CEO of Viond GmbH, one of over a 1000 Exhibitors, will show visitors why he thinks the time for the breakthrough in Virtual reality for marketing has come. He says: „When VR is technically good, it has an amazing power to touch the emotions of the consumer and to deliver a more intense experience.” He will be showcasing his technology alongside Google, Adobe, Medialink to cite a few of the tech pioneer exhibitors. The DMEXCO team have identified three technology trends:

  • Augmented and Virtual reality
  • The Internet of Things
  • Blockchain technology

After the intense experience of trying out all the new technologies, it may be worth tapping into the expertise of the media, advertising and marketing consultants in the Agency Lounge. Not everyone agrees. Virtual Reality has been on the verge of a breakthrough for a while.


Silicon Dragon is paving the way for mobile

When looking at trending topics, Mobile and the Silicon Dragon can’t be ignored. Mark Wächter, from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), sees how the smartphone has become an important medium for marketing communications. But the technology comes with its E-privacy issues and Mark recommends all marketers to choose their partners carefully.  An important path to mobile marketing is the App world, now a decade in existence. To avoid an app from landing in the trash or at the back of the screen, marketers need to do their homework on App-Lifecycle Management, App-UX/UI, App-Store-Optimization, App-Engagement and App-Tracking, which all costs as much money as the programming.

To see what the future in Europe will hold, best to look at the two biggest ‘Mobile-Only Markets’, China and India. Mark travels to the East at least four times a year where he sees the enormous speed at which the technical possibilities of mobile are developed into successful business models. In Shanghai, nobody is looking back to Silicon Valley. On a global level, Brand Safety is also an issue in mobile marketing and the MMA have founded a Brand Safety Council, named SAVE and will be launching their strategy guide at DMEXCO 18.  

Take C.A.R.E

Under the motto ‘Take C.A.R.E.’ DMEXCO will embrace the digital debate with a ‘C’ for curiosity - about Change, ‘A’ for Action in your own business, ‘R’ for take Responsibility with all issues and actions and ‘E’ for have a great experience.



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