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Use of human faces in web design creates a positive impact on user behavior

While creating web designs that keep users closely engaged and provide them with a delightful experience. It is interesting to note that there is some method observed in selecting the design elements.

Web design and its graphic elements contribute to the success of websites by ensuring higher user engagement. Designers use various elements like color, images, spaces, etc. while creating web designs that keep users closely engaged and provide them with a delightful experience. It is interesting to note that there is some method observed in selecting the design elements, which is even done without much conscious thinking, involves a good amount of human psychology and science. For example, the choice of colors plays a vital role in influencing the psychology of users thereby ensuring that they interact positively with the website. Similarly, when you are selecting some imagery and elements related to user interface, it has similar psychological effects that create close connection with users and increases the level of engagement.

The inevitable attraction of faces

Even if you use many images in the content, users would inevitably move towards images that contain faces followed by other images and then roll over their eyes on text. The high power of attraction of faces becomes evident from studies conducted by experts in eye tracking that also reveals the user’s intent of returning to the faces repeatedly even while consuming the textual content. For web designers, the human face is a compelling element that creates the all-important first impression about the website and prevails on users by influencing their website experience. 

Capitalizing on human faces

Although images of all kinds have a good impact on the minds of viewers that increases attraction and engagement, use of human faces, in particular, can increase the response many more times.  Human faces can elicit emotional responses from viewers, and it facilitates designers to create an emotional experience for users that brings them closer to the website and keep connected. Moreover, humans have an innate visual preference for faces over any other kinds of images that web designers make use of in influencing the behavior of viewers that leads to building a relationship and establishing trust. In this article, we will explore the various ways of using human faces in graphic design and discuss some design techniques that help to enhance user interaction.

Bond with users

Designers engaged in website design in New York have the sole responsibility of finding ways of connecting closely with users.  From the selection of colors to copywriting and the choice of button size – there is a direct impact on engagement that leads to conversions. However, human faces in design can have a much stronger influence on viewers. The use of faces by keeping it large and in focus would have a strong appeal on users who would get easily attracted to it and even feel like staying connected, as it would make them feel that they are in the company of people they would like most.  How much the users like the faces in the design would determine the extent of positive response that images generate. Facial recognition is one of the essential psychological principles used by designers because of its immense powers in creating attraction and conveying emotions.

Stir up emotions by using faces in design

When people interact with one another, the facial expressions provide a cue to the emotions that govern the interactions.  Using human faces in images for web design can also help to establish the emotional tone that determines the level of user engagement.  How infatuating the flow of emotions can be will be understood from the fact that you might feel the urge to yawn when you see someone doing it. It is an example of how emotions transfer from one person to another. By using faces that display the desired emotion related to the product or service, designers can influence the behavior of users and generate better engagement.  While the facial expression creates the primary connect with users, it leads users to discover other qualities of the product or service that appear attractive. Be careful in choosing the appropriate imagery because it must be identifiable with the audience.

 Build trust

One of the most critical aspects of using faces in design is to ensure that the faces have credible links to the organization and or products and services presented on the website.  When users see some real people involved, it helps to generate trust in the organization as well as in the brand and products. When a testimonial appears with a human face, it acquires much more important as it seems quite real and hence believable. By looking at the faces, users can discover the positive aspects of the product as the facial expressions tell it all. The expression of the faces that appear in the group photo of the project team carries the underlying confidence that users can place on the project. Using human faces in the design helps to create close links with reality and by viewing real people; users are likely to trust the website much more.

Faces become visual guides for navigation

For smooth navigation through the website, use of faces in the design creates the much-needed visual guide that adds to the better user experience.  Often, users feel like getting some help in deciding the next move when browsing websites, as they are not sure what to do next. In such situations, users can follow the direction of vision of the eyes of a face and get cue about the path that they should follow. This provides designers the opportunity to drive users to the desired location of the website that can produce positive results. If the eyes of the face point towards the scrolling feature, users would know that it is what they should pursue. Similarly, eyes can look at some other navigational features that ensure that users have a pleasing experience on the website.

Everyone loves to be in good company and using faces in design serves the purpose very well. It gives satisfaction to users of being part of something that can make them proud. Faces lend authenticity to websites that make it trustworthy and make users confident of going along with it.

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