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Omni-channel Vs Multichannel: Which Serves Your Customers Best?

What precisely do individuals mean when they discuss Omni-channel versus Multichannel? In spite of the fact that they may sound relative, the approach of working is totally different. An Omni-channel term is not a new one but still not known properly to company possessor and call center owners!

There is something which can be understood by both of their meaning; basically 'multi' which means numerous and 'Omni' which means one. Understanding the distinction between the two techniques is mandatory for company owners to facilitate their clients even more.

What Is Omni Channel And Multi-Channel?

Omni-channel delivers on conveying the consistent and great experience to customers taking care of the choice and need of every customer. The managing guideline of Omni-channel promoting is that its customer based, not channel-based. The principal objective is to influence the customer involvement as simple as could reasonably be expected. This means your customer will experience exceptional service.

Multichannel promoting traverses numerous channels and focus is not a single one. Each channel is partitioned from the others and each working its own way rather than integrating to provide the best customer experience. This may leave a customer to dissatisfy and moving along to your competitor.

Differences between Omni-Channel and Multichannel

Increase Sales


According to a survey, “85% of interactions will take place without involving a human agent”.

With Omni channel, a customer is able to help him. The experience of getting the product knowledge on a single channel along all the data required is an amazing experience for the customers. Moreover, some of the clients are looking for a way to totally carry out the transaction himself.

On the other side, your agents remain free from the basic operations as they are handled by customers themselves and therefore they can help others looking for it! They can utilize their time to other important operations.


With the multi-channel, the customers are unable to get the full transaction in their hand as all of the channels are kept separate as well as the data. They need to look at various platforms to choose a product. Customers are unable to get fully personalized experience and number of sales decreases or remain same with the time!

Your agents are busy all the time as customers are totally dependent on them for the data. Moreover, a rise in stress level and low motivation for the job is common which may result in negative side!

Increased Customer Loyalty


According to Shep Hyken, “the purpose of every business and organization is to get and keep customers.”

Benefits of Omni-channel are a lot in number, however specifically talking about contact center industry; it can result in improving customer loyalty. Different types of efforts are made to improve it, however, if you are able to remain connected with your customers; this is easier. With the Omni channel technology, you can keep a connection to various channels routed through a single platform and they are able to get it back at a single place as well!

Your agents get an idea that the informed customers are happier one and they are already aware of the initials of the products and services. They can serve them better telling them about the areas they are still unaware of!

Multi channel

Some of the multi-channel examples include the experience of the customers who simply get away from a brand due to dissatisfaction. While multi channel is still a business approach of many organizations, it can result in losing your most loyal customers as they are unable to remain connected with the company. if they are connected through a single platform, they are unable to get all of the latest updates from all the channels at it!

To tell the truth, agents strive for keeping the customers informed and connected with the company, trying to tell them all on a single call. Again this may affect the work morale and loyalty of your call center representatives as well!

Increased Costs


The topmost challenge with Omni-channel platform is the big investment cost required to get started. Talking about the call centers and the company stores, a big amount has already been invested. Additionally, it can be a problematic and tough job to arrange the costs. Highly integrated and bespoke systems are requiring ensuring that Omni-channel is working efficiently!

If you have already outsourced your call center system or taking help of the top cloud software companies, you can simply tell them about your requirements. When implementing Omni-channel, you may need to replace old system and technology which can be costly to do so. Nevertheless, you can talk about your service provider to get it in an affordable manner.

Multi channel

Even the multi-channel technology is not cost effective one! This is because while omni channel is a single system creating integrating between numerous, the multi-channel is actually numerous systems.

Usually, for all of the channels, individual systems are made available. As compare to Omni-channel the costs are lower however it implements to benefits and customer satisfaction level as well.

Create Brand Identity

Omni channel

It is fundamental for brands to remain active and consistent on all the channels so that a client who is using a specific channel can have the good image of your company. In all honesty, this can be difficult in today’s word, with companies have a lot to focus on!

With omni channel, your clients using a single channel is able to get all of the updates at it, creating your brand identity better!

Multi channel

For companies and call centers that are able to stay active and consistent on all the channels, multi media approach is good as well. The client using single or numerous channels is able to get a good idea of the company and brand.

If your company is missing any channel, a client is unable to remain connected with your company due to multi-channel technology!

Omni-Channel Is The Future….

Omni-channel technology bolsters your call center productivity helping your operators to associate and get from channels. Clients are better satisfied as it takes care of every touch point giving them memorable experience for their lifetime! Moreover, the client data from all the mediums are shown in a single dashboard with Omni-channel approach helping out your agents to boost sales!

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