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Mehul Shah 17 April 2018
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Creating CRM Strategies that Benefit Your Business

CRM is not a new concept; it has been in the business world for over a decade. With the dawn of cloud technology, CRM has created a buzz in the sales domain. It is an exceptional technology that helps in many ways. Although CRM is a powerful sales tool, it cannot do everything on its own. Discover how to build robust strategies to ensure maximum results.

Building a strong CRM Strategy

CRM is implemented to increase the productivity of an organization for driving better business process and achieving the sales goals. It is crucial for a business that the employees wholeheartedly welcome this useful sales tool.
It needs to blend with your company’s culture and the personnel who are going to use the CRM must have a positive approach towards it.
For making it a successful investment, you need to develop impactful strategies that reflect your company’s goals and supports the efforts made by your team for delivering optimum customer experience.

For building successful CRM strategies, you must -

  • Evaluate your customer’s complete sales journey
  • Analyze the issues your sales teams face while closing the deals
  • Measure where you are today and where you aim to be
  • Consider only those features of a CRM that you will need for your business

Below are few more tips for creating impactful strategies:

Set an agenda

Without a destination, you tend to wander not knowing where to go and what to do.
So, it is necessary to create sales goals and use a CRM to reach them. Therefore, one of your CRM strategies should be tracking those goals and develop a roadmap of how the CRM will help in accomplishing your agenda.
With this, you will know where you are heading and even understand how your CRM is helping you in completing the journey.

Prepare your army

Understanding what you want to achieve from a CRM is a part of the whole plan.
To succeed, you must include your employees in every step of the strategic process and motivate them to adopt the CRM sincerely.
Sales professionals face the highly competitive sales ground, so they need to be armed as they are the ones who will help you achieve your sales goals.
Just implementing a CRM is not enough you need to ensure your sales reps are using it. Help them understand the importance and benefits of the CRM so that they develop interest and make it a part of their daily work routine.

Put your CRM to use before you approach

CRM has excellent functionality; it allows you to enter and store data at each stage of the customer journey. However, this advanced sales tool is often unexplored and unused until the first few steps are taken.
With a CRM, you can create an impactful first impression by amassing a prospect’s information from various sources and referring to the critical details before making the first contact.
It will help you to understand what does the prospect want? Moreover, what are their expectations?
Communication flows smoothly when you are abreast with the prospect’s requirements so that you can hit on the target and gauge their interest.

Bifurcate your customer as per the profit value

Due to the high sales quota, sales reps tend to target businesses of all sizes.
Well, there isn’t any harm in it. To climb the ladder of success, you need to prioritize your customers by bifurcating them according to their profit value.
Using a CRM, you can segment or tag the customers according to your specific requirements. It gives clarity and helps you understand where you should dedicate your time and resources.

Integrate your CRM with apps you already use

Why make your sales process complex by using different tools when you can seamlessly integrate your CRM with various applications that you are already familiar with. To get the most out of your CRM, you need to double its power by integrating it with necessary business applications.
By doing this, your work gets more comfortable as the notes, schedules, and data updated in any application are automatically synchronized and get reflected in your CRM system.
By integrating CRM with different apps, you can easily –

  • Import prospect related information
  • Fetch new contacts from the website
  • Manage your emails from within your CRM

With timely notifications and frequent reminders, there are fewer chances of missing vital details which require immediate reaction.


Blindly following something without measuring its progress will lead you nowhere. Evaluation is necessary to understand the success levels of your strategies.
Understanding the flaws in your strategies is equally important to know what’s working for your company. Keep track of how were the things before you implemented the strategies and how much has your company benefited from it.
Identify the factors obstructing your path of achieving your sales goals set by you in the beginning. Doing so will help you find a solution for boosting your progress quickly.

To conclude

A CRM solution can work wonders for your company. CRM can not only aid in controlling your sales but also help in excelling with its exceptional features. How you approach it and utilize it makes the difference.
As I mentioned above, if you create the strategies and do not utilize or analyze it at frequent intervals, then your efforts are futile. To make the most of the CRM, you need to dedicate yourself and work sincerely with it. Only when you put in your cent percent efforts, you will be able to receive satisfactory results from the technology.

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