Nishtha Singh
Nishtha Singh 29 September 2017

Why Consider Hadoop For Your Next Software Development Project?

To Hadoop or Not to Hadoop, that is the question? Hadoop is often called a framework your business needs to solve nearly all your problems. In the following post, you will come across various reasons to consider Hadoop for your next software development project.

Companies all across the globe have started to recognize the true value of big data collection and the need to incorporate it into their existing business models. In fact, big data plays a very crucial role in the overall development of software. Companies in general start by batch processing their big data assets. This means big data help from gathering and aggregating web data to telemetry from IoT devices, user clicks from an app and more.

There is no doubt in the fact that out of all the technologies available in the large data analysis space, .Net framework is the most emerging trend across the globe. Here database developers also known as .Net developers, endeavor hard to come up with innovative outcomes such as Hadoop. Apache Hadoop - the name is derived from a cute toy elephant but Hadoop is all but a soft toy.
What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source project that offers a new way to store and process big data. The software framework is written in Java for the purpose of distributing storage and distributing processing of very large datasets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. Today, large businesses such as Google and Facebook make use of the technology in order to store as well as manage their huge amount of data. In fact, it may interest you to know that Hadoop has proven valuable for many other more traditional enterprises based on its five big advantages. And it is going to make big data the thing for the future.

Its Advantages

  • Scalable Being a highly scalable platform, Hadoop can store as well as distribute large sets of data across hundreds of inexpensive screens that operate in parallel. Unlike traditional relational database systems (that cannot process large amounts of data), Hadoop enables businesses to run applications on thousands of nodes involving many thousands of terabytes of data.
  • Cost Effective If you are looking for a cost-effective storage solution, Hadoop is the technology to look into. The only problem with the traditional relational database management systems is that it is extremely cost prohibitive especially when it comes to scaling up such massive volumes of data. As a result, many Microsoft .Net development companies chose to down-sample data and classify it based on certain assumptions. With the emergence of Hadoop business strategies transformed to a great extent.
  • Flexible The technology enables businesses to access new data sources and tap into different types of data that includes both structured as well as non-structured. This also means by making adequate use of Hadoop, businesses can derive valuable business insights from data sources such as social media, email conversations. Apart from this, it can even be used for log processing, recommendation systems, data warehousing, market campaign analysis and fraud detection.
  • Fast I am sure you must have heard regarding the unique storage method offered by the technology. It is based on a distributed file system that basically ‘maps’ data especially when located in a cluster. Now if you’re dealing with large volumes of unstructured data, Hadoop is able to efficiently process terabytes of data in just minutes, and petabytes in hours.
  • Resilient to failure One of the major advantages of using the Hadoop technology is its fault tolerance. This means when data is sent to an individual node, that data, in particular, is replicated to other nodes in the cluster. Which means that in the event of failure, there is another copy available for use.

Its Disadvantages

  • Security Concerns Hadoop can be challenging at times. Check out the security model, it is disabled by default due to sheer complexity. In that scenario  whosoever's managing the platform needs to know how to enable it, to ensure that your data isn't at  risk.
  • Vulnerable Hadoop security means that using it can be risky proposition. As the framework is written almost entirely in Java, a programming language which has been heavily exploited by cyber criminals cause numerous security breaches.
  • Not Suitable for Small Quantities of Data While big data is not exclusively made for big businesses, and not all platforms are suited for small data needs. Hadoop happens to be one of them. Due to its high capacity design, the Hadoop Distributed File System lacks the ability to efficiently support the random reading of small files. As a result, it is not recommended for organizations with small quantities of data.
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