sunny Chawla
sunny Chawla 28 March 2018

11 Content curation tools for sharing quality content

Content curation is a tedious issue and in today's quick life, who has that much time to save? It is a repetitive employment for some individuals, however not when you have a few instruments prepared to be utilized for the procedure of substance curation.

Online networking is excessively dynamic and on the off chance that you need, making it impossible to be a piece of this, then it is essential that you turn into a tad bit more deft, and scoop out the best substance for your clients. The curation of substance is an old thought, however, with the assistance of different devices that are accessible on the web, things have turned out to be considerably simpler at this point.

1. Trap.It pulls in crucial third-party content from everywhere throughout the web, including industry research, insights and patterns, which can be sorted out into topic-particular libraries for moment reference.

Trap.It is likewise an "intelligent" curation tool, which implies the more content you curate, the smarter it gets, so you're never lost for motivation. The best part is that you can disseminate the curated content you've "caught" over every social platform to draw in your audience without investing hours on the web.

2. Feedly

Feedly encourages you to curate blog content that can be utilised as assets for future posts or give you excellent thoughts for up and coming content. Feedly is likewise awesome for following authorities and influencers in your industry, so you can remain on top of the most smoking discussions and make content in light of the latest trending topics. It doesn't pull images. However, the absence of visuals doesn't lessen the significance of this tool.

3. Pinterest

Like Feedly, Pinterest is fantastic for staying aware of celebrities, famous culture symbols and pioneers in your industry. Contingent upon your specialty, Pinterest is likewise fabulous for gathering helpful "hacks", traps and tips you can fabricate your content around. Spare these plans to sheets on your account, and work with them to curate fantastic content for you and your customers.

4. Quora

Quora is quickly turning into the go-to platform for discovering what individuals need to know. You get master, authoritative sentiments and answers to questions running from what it feels like to be a CEO to how to apply to the best universities, and nearly everything in the middle. Quora is a gold dig for wise points of view on hotly debated issues you can use as the reason for an extensive variety of content. Just set up an account and after that inquiry your keywords to discover brilliant content to store away for sometime later. You can likewise set up your mind to be advised about articles pertinent to your field so that you can get more articles and fascinating thoughts in your inbox.


Utilized by more than 2.5 million marketers, very well might be a content marketer's blessing from heaven. This efficient curation platform enables you to look for content as indicated by catchphrase, share curated content specifically to your social channels, and insert all that you find on your page. Additionally, the platform likewise offers prescient insights and an accurate ROI estimating tool that encourages you to take full advantage of your curated content. At Express Writers, we cherish the CEO of Scoop. It, Guillaume Decugis! I've recorded a podcast on the Write Podcast with him talking how to fit curation into your content showcasing procedure, and we even had him as a visitor on our Twitter Chat #ContentWritingChat talking content curation standards.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a smart marketer's "pro tool" with regards to content curation. BuzzSumo stays up with the latest with the latest trending topics in your industry by sending automated alarms each time new content in your industry is distributed. Utilize BuzzSumo to scan for content by topic, and offer it straightforwardly from a basic dashboard.

7. MyCurator for WordPress

This tool is ideal for the individuals who utilize WordPress for their site and blog. MyCurator allows you make curate content hassle-free, crawling articles, search, and other content throughout the web. There are additionally mass curation tools for gathering numerous bits of content for huge or serial projects.

8. Twitter List

Utilizing Twitter Lists can enable you to monitor content from influencers, news sites, and other vital organizations which can be assets for continuous advertising. Set up lists for various categories so you can check the discussions on a topic in a moment.

9. Learnist

Learnist tool for content curation enables you to extract from content from industry pioneers and specialists. You will have the capacity to curate specialist content, and even learn new data about your industry from the general population who are driving it forward and getting things going. Figure out how to deal with your chance from productivity specialists, or how to make the ideal cappuccino from a top barista, all while gathering stellar content thoughts!

10. Slideshare

While this tool doesn't act like the greater part of the other content curation tools I've specified, SlideShare provides you with the opportunity to gain from others and offer your insight. You can look through different Slideshares of those in your industry to increase new data and curate content, and you can impart the best plans to your audience.

11. Storify

Storify is a great visual tool that can enable clients to make storyboards for their content battles by using content curation. You can either be the one doing the making, offering individuals content to curate, or you can look through the storyboards and curate content from others. Furthermore, you can likewise get a WordPress module for Storify.


In today’s online marketing content plays a vital role. So it is essential for you to deliver quality content to your audience daily to keep them engaging. So go through the above tools to generate traffic generating content for your business. Feel free to share your thoughts in given below comment box.

Divya khaneja
Divya khaneja

Hey Sunny, great list!

I have a cool suggestion for a new content curation tool.

We've been working on a product,, and we've tried to create a one-stop solution for curated news feed single, web pages, newsletters and much more. Take your curated content to the next level with and its multiple design features.

We've worked a lot on making curation easy and less time consuming for our audience.

Check us out and if you like us, maybe you'd want to mention us in the future. :)

Bastian Rappl
Bastian Rappl

Hi Sunny,
Thank you very much for your article and collecting this valuable information about the different types of content curation tools. I also do think that content curation “is an old thought”, but in my eyes it has never become that important as today. Because, there is so much content on the internet it has become very hard to identify which content pieces do have real value and which don’t. Content curation tools offer great oppportunities to provide important and informative content to your readers or customers- that can definitely help to establish yourself as a expert of a certain niche.

I wonder what tool from your list would you prefer to use for content curation or which tool do you already use?

Thank you and happy sharing

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