Amin Ghale
Amin Ghale 11 May 2017

5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Great For SEO

What makes it one of the best is its flexibility and accessibility. However, the SEO value it has over other CMS is second best to none. So, why should you consider WordPress when it comes to SEO? Here we discuss 5 major reasons.

Who would have thought that a simple blogging platform created by guys out for leisure time would create such a sensational buzz?

Yes, WordPress has undoubtedly come a long way. In fact, it powers more than 25% of websites in the world. And, it’s not just a few random businesses that use it. Some of the big names from entertainment genre like Sony Music and MTV News are using it that highlights its dominance on the web.

But what makes it even better is its flexibility and control over SEO department which still is a big THING.

Here we discuss 5 valid reasons that make it best platform for SEO

SEO optimized website in just 5 minutes

If you have been on the web for a decade, you will know the pain every website owner has to go through to create a CMS like WordPress. First, this was a tough ask. And, even if it was built, it was costly.

With WordPress, you can easily create a website within 5 minutes. With only little to no tech knowledge you can install and setup WordPress. These days all the hosting service providers give you one click WordPress option making it even more relatively easy to create one.

Hundreds of SEO plugins

You heard me right. There are literally hundreds of SEO plugins for WordPress that makes things so much easier for a website owner. You don’t need to keep looking for WordPress developers for changes. It’s likely that there will certainly be a plugin for your problem.

With tools like Yoast and All in one SEO pack, the On a page of your website isn’t compromised at all. You can change the titles, URL, and content within a single dashboard making it the most flexible CMS.

Optimized permalinks

You may know that permalinks or URL structure plays a vital role in ranking a page. You want to keep a static URL with a proper keyword. By default permalink setting displays URLS based on id number. But you don’t want something like id=name, or do you?

This is where WordPress does it best. In the settings tab, you can choose the structure you want to use. The most popular are post name and you should also use that for SEO value.

Site Speed

Website speed is one of the most important ingredients of user experience. Search engines like Google take UX seriously. The introduction of AMP is another signal that Google wants website owners to make their websites quick.

If you are in WordPress, you are in luck. With plugins like Total Cache and Smush It, website speed shouldn’t be an issue. Unlike other platforms where you had to optimize it through the codes itself, WordPress makes optimization a breeze. With simple installation and configuration, you can achieve a better website speed.

Optimized for Mobile

Who can forget this? Your WordPress website is pre-responsive from the start. As the web is evolving you need your website to be adaptive to every mobile device. And Google made it clear that it’s offering additional value to sites that are mobile friendly.

However, with WordPress, you don’t have to worry about it being mobile friendly. Why?

Because the developers and designers invest thousands of hours to make sure their themes are responsive. Even the free themes are responsive making it an SEO weapon.


Over the past 5 years, WordPress has really grown into number one choice for many designers, developers, and SEO professionals. With its open source nature and advanced community, WordPress will continue to be one of the best options for SEO.

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