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Eliza Scott 13 March 2017
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The Benefits from Deep Learning AI for the Mobile Apps

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing technology of recent times and Deep Learning is what gives it the competitive edge. We find many applications of machine learning in our daily lives, examples of which are Apple’s Siri, Facebook’s Face Detection and Car Collision detection from Mobileye.

Moreover, the arrival of open-source Deep Learning framework will enable the smaller organizations getting access  to the technology, not to be limited to the use of the giant companies.

What is Deep Learning?

The tasks that are performed by the computers were all based on the hand-crafted algorithms by the developers. Now, machine learning provides you with the wonderful opportunity of providing learning capabilities, but with the same algorithm. It can learn everything on its own. As the algorithms will be able to produce generalized result, only quality apps need to be developed with the technology, otherwise it will end up in producing bad results. This opens up an entire vista of opportunities for the app developers. There are over 2 billion devices worldwide and they are constantly capturing high-quality data.

Previously we has seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) ruling out the world of chess only, beating the Grandmasters. Those machine versus human battles that became huge spectacles for the media. But, over the years Deep AI is what has emerged as a technology, used in Google maps, Amazon Web Services and Facebook. Facebook has used a smartphone app for transforming any photo into a classic by Van Gogh or Picasso. The app is based on neural networks, a form of Artificial Intelligence. The recent trend is on increasing the number of tech companies adopting Deep Learning as a platform for startups. The debatable fact is whether this technology will also be used in mobile technology or not and how.

Deep Learning AI in Mobile Apps

Deep Learning is centred around AI.  This AI is simply capable of learning and adapting to the changing circumstances around it. Arrays of neural networks form part of this technology, working in parallel and reacting to assigned inputs. The input data generally varies from GPS location data to the video game screens. The output can be a few button presses on game controller. The neural networks will only be better as they react correctly to the data, thereby providing better results.

The developers will eventually use AI, for not only to react to user input, but providing a entirely new software that can predict user behaviour. So, the tourists and the travellers will be able to explore various cities, all over the world as per their preferences. Another appropriate example is that of the best of the deals as displayed on the aisle of your preferred store, as you are browsing for your required products. The smart devices are always effective in recording personal data, like that of visits to the store, way you commute to your workplace and even those vital health data. But it is the AI that ultimately derives and makes sense out of that data.

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