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Vinod Mohite 15 March 2017
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SEO Friendly Domain Migration

Organisations or individuals may need to migrate their old website (old domain) to a new website (new domain). The process of migration can result in loss of organic traffic to the website. As organic traffic is a critical factor in the success of any website, it is imperative that it's unaffected.

Pre-Launch Phase of New Website 

Meta Tags : Migrate the Meta Tags form the old web pages to the corresponding new web pages. In case any web page is missing Meta Tags in the new domain, then create new Meta Tags for the same. 

Google Analytics Tracking Code : While migrating to the new domain do check if the Google Analytics Code has been inserted in the new website.

Broken Links : Once the website is live you can use XENU Broken Links tool to check if there are any Broken Links in your website. If you come across any, do make the necessary changes.

H1 – H6 Tags : Check if all the necessary H1 – H6 Tags are present on all the web pages.

Canonical URL : Google Treats www and non-www version as different websites, so make sure you redirect to one of the version using .htaccess file. Also, add relevant Canonical Meta Tags in all web pages.

301 Redirects : Redirect old web pages to corresponding new web pages using .htaccess file.

Mobile-friendly : With more and more users using smart phones to surf, it’s crucial that you have a  Mobile- friendly website. You can use the Mobile Friendly Tool to test your website.

404 Error Page : “Error 404 - Page not found!” is the error page displayed whenever someone surfs for a web page that’s simply not available on your website. In that case, you can create a 404 error web page and redirect the user to home page.

Post-Launch Phase of New Website

Google Web master : Inform Google that you have shifted your business website domain.

Follow the below-listed process. 

into Google Web master Tool

  • Go to the Search Console

  • Create a Profile for your New Domain

  • Now select the Old Domain

  • Click on the Settings Tab in Old Domain Tab (wheel icon on upper right hand side)

  • Click Change of Address

  • Submit it to Google

Sitemap.xml : After the website is live, create a sitemap.xml file using xml generator and upload on the root folder i.e.

Follow the below-listed process.

  • Sign-in into Google Web master

  • Select the Domain

  • Click Crawl on the left hand side

  • Click Site maps and then submit sitemap.xml

Robots.txt : Use Robots.txt file if you don’t want Search Engines to crawl any specific web pages of the website. You can use the Robots.txt File Generator tool to create the Robots File. Upload the Robots.txt file on the Root Folder

Enquiry Form : Do test if all your Enquiry Forms and Call to Actions are working fine and whether you have the conversion code in place for the Thank You Page.

Off Page Optimization : If you have maintained a Record of all the Off-Page activities that you have done for the old website, then it’s time that you change the domain address in those websites, wherever possible.

If you are not tech savvy, it’s better to hire an SEO Company as they are well-versed with the SEO Migration Process.

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