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Lucy Benton 23 March 2017
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5 Ways To Engage Your Audience By Improving Marketing Content

The content of your site or social media profiles should be rich in information and engaging for your audience. If your content delivers these attributes, your audience will spend more time on your site or social media and the longer they stay on your site, the greater the chances of buying your products or services.

Many people tend to ask for professional help in order to create outstanding content for their marketing campaigns. Shaun D., the Marketing Content Specialist from,did a research on the best ways of engaging with your audience. Here are 5 most effective methods of doing this and how you should apply them.

Be different

If you want to become easy to recognize you should separate yourself from the crowd. Your content should be different, more attractive than your competition’s. You should add a dash of entertainment in your content because it’s the one that will make your audience come back over and over again.

Different also means that your content should create a sentimental connection between you and your audience. By doing this, your content will be shared and you’ll reach more clients. This connection will make your audience trust you and will tend to believe the things your say, thus you’ll ease the acquisition process.

Create content using your followers

This is a thing that many managers tend to forget about. This is what marketing is all about, creating products, services, in our case content, that your readers ask for. Before starting any content marketing campaign you should first take a look at the content generated by your audience on your social media platforms and site.

Once you are able to find 3 or 4 topics that are used often, you should start writing about them and offer valuable information to your audience. If you are selling car parts and your audience talks a lot about the best way of using them, you should start writing posts about it. You should help them use your products efficiently because this will increase their level of satisfaction.

Add pictures or videos to your posts

The content you create should be easy to understand and its size should be kept low. The shorter, the better. The easiest way to transmit a complex message to your audience in an easy to read format is by using pictures or videos. By adding a picture to your post, you double its effectiveness, meanwhile, a video can be 12 times more effective than a text-only post.

Target your posts better

It’s useless to create great content if it doesn’t reach the appropriate audience. If you are selling car parts, but your audience is 80% women, you should think twice before asking yourself why your income is so low. You should reimagine your marketing strategy, you should make use of the targeting possibilities offered by the social media platforms and search engines.

By using these services you can increase the chances of reaching the proper audience. This way you’ll increase your return on investment and have a marketing campaign with higher efficiency. You can choose the age group, the geographical region you want to target, their studies, etc. All this can take your content marketing campaign to a whole new level.

Guest-post on relevant social media profiles

When creating a plan for your marketing content strategy, you should plan a few guest posts, as well. If you are able to do that, your audience will link your image to relevant names in your industry. Let’s say you are selling apartments and you want to increase your brand awareness. You should definitely have a guest post on Realtor’s blog.

You should seek sites, pages, and blogs that are highly relevant for your business and have a high level of confidence from your audience. The confidence will be linked to your brand and your customers will tend to make use of your products or services with easier. Many people disconsider this approach, but it’s a very effective way of improving your brand awareness.


If you want to have a top-notch marketing campaign, you should definitely deliver unique content to your audience. It is the best way of engaging with them and win their confidence. By doing this, you will become an influencer in your industry and you will be considered a professional by your customers.

When creating your marketing content, you should keep in mind these easy ways of engaging your audience because they can increase your efficiency drastically. A good marketing campaign can have a positive impact on your revenues and it can take your company to a whole new level.

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