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Ashish Parmar 3 July 2017
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Mobile App Development: Working towards an Inclusive Technology

Mobile app development has gone through some unforeseen changes as the time passed it has also been impulsive in including all possible aspects. This evolution of mobile technology has made the world a global village and has double folded the chances of business enhancements to the companies irrespective of their chances

Mobile app development has traveled a long way since its inception and looking by the current situation all we can say is “Sky is the limit”, for mobile apps. During the initial times, mobile app development was considered as a process that started with the end user sketching interfaces and after months and years of testing and prototyping, the app was ready. At that time, mobile app development was a lengthy process that consisted of planning, testing and prototyping and many more phases and aspects.

The present scenario of app development is quite different from the initial years. As the user demands have increased, so has the level of the mobile app development companies and their development styles. Nowadays, certain small mobile apps are even built through zero-code development i.e. apps developed from the list of pre-ready built features and then are drafted into the Play store.

This transition of people and their openness to adopt mobile apps has brought forward a gamut of opportunities in the IT world for app development at customized investments. Moreover, it has become an entirely resourceful resource as more and more companies are tilting towards it and including it in their business scheme of things. With the passing of time, mobile app development has become an inclusive technology that has room for everyone.

Let us read in detail about how inclusive the mobile technology is;

Recognizing the demand generation

It’s a no hidden fact that mobile tech might be the only form of technology that has touched the lives of people coming from every genre at a very micro level. And with the evolution, there has been a constant increase in the demands of the customers. The increased demand has served as a fuel for the process of mobile app development as companies have found some awesome pool of services from the leading app development platforms such as Android and iOS. Android app development can be used to reach the masses whereas iOS with its authentic approach is better for customer retention.

Businesses that use mobile apps in their core operations often receive a positive response from the customers. It also gives highly intuitive interface that is capable of educating the customers so that they can understand the actual usage of the product before using it. Also, the enterprise level mobile app development can have an unforeseen effect on the market revenue of the apps developed and thus manage the demand generation in a synchronized manner. In addition to this, the integration with the social media platforms has given a plethora of opportunities to the companies to meet the customer demands with ease.

Sorting the Technicality

Mobile app development integrates everything now from the minutest thing to the big noteworthy features. The inclusion of the newest forms of technology such as IoT (Internet of things), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and iBeacon technology have enabled the organization to use mobile technology to the core and reap huge benefits. The barriers created through distances and a nonscaling ability of the product can also be curtailed with the use of mobile apps.

Including the latest technology will not only help the companies to provide the best possible services to the customers but also make them capable of catering technology in its newest format affordable prices.

The evolution of mobile apps brought in the Hybrid apps that were the combination of native and web based devices apps. These apps were developed using the single code and could work on multiple devices simultaneously without making any changes. The portability across multiple platforms made the hybrid apps a fad amongst the mobile app developer and the business professionals. The sole reason being that as the app could be published on more than one platform at a time, it would provide larger customer base to the app development companies. The reusability of the app features is the best thing provided by the hybrid apps working on a similar source code.

Technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality are not limited to just the gaming and leisure or entertainment stuff, instead, they are giving a whole new look to the process of mobile app development. It has made a paradigm shift for E-commerce, health and real estate industries and increased the business to newer, greater horizons.

Taking Care of the Customers

Mobile app development has made several organizations use pre-defined and settled protocols, security practices and workflow things so as to provide the best possible services to the customers. The emphasis laid on developing apps according to the user preferences has done a world of good for the app developers. This method has also been instrumental in increasing the level of customer satisfaction thus enhancing the rate of customer retention.

Mobile app development gives a chance to better access of data, customer location, accessing the location and then putting the product into practice. The Authentic and to the point collection of stats and details would allow the company to understand the customer requirements to the core and develop the mobile app according to that. Not just that, the users are also elated with the huge list of apps and the options provided with respect to the technology opening a lot more than just a few doors. This, on the whole, is a huge step towards being labeled as an inclusive technology.

In simple words, technical evolution means that there is no end to the development process and as far as customer satisfaction is related, the tech savvy capabilities are taking it to newer heights. Understanding the user point of view and working on it would give fresh ideas to the companies so that they can redesign their marketing strategy. The total cost of mobile app development is far cheaper than the traditional methods so that the company could have enough money for mobile app marketing well.

Final Words:

The core essence of mobile app development has attracted a number of companies in the past few years as it has been on a roller coaster ride that has always gone up. It has enabled not only the established firms but also the newbies to showcase their talent on a bigger, larger platform to pave way for their glorious future. There is an ease of doing promotional activities that could penetrate the market on a larger scale and keep the customers on their toes about the NEXT THING related to a particular mobile app.

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