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Paul Cowell 24 July 2017
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6 Tips in Optimising Your Mobile Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

The world is becoming more and more digital. The way we communicate has changed over the years. From the old cell phones, we can now use apps like Messenger, Skype, and Hangouts to communicate with our loved ones. This change has also impacted the way we do business. Remember that day when you're still using flyers, brochures, and catalogs to sell your products? Now, we already have SEO techniques that we can use in making our products and services sell.

Since most people rely on their smartphones or any mobile device in creating a purchase, more marketers are now wise enough to enter the world of mobile online marketing. As a matter of fact, Google has also tested the waters by experimenting a list that is mobile-focused in 2016.

Since it's already implementing this index, you should expect that for your site to rank in the result pages; it will first check the mobile version of your site before checking its desktop version.

Those websites which don't have their mobile versions or those that are not optimized well will inevitably be left out in the competition of making their sites rank in SERPs. But what's great about this is that some of the tasks of mobile SEO task management are easy to execute.

Another thing to consider is the content that you're creating. Your content should conform to any medium consistently. If you do not do this, what happens is you will miss out a huge chunk in your audience engagement opportunity.

Mobile SEO is the same as the traditional SEO. It's all about creating or crafting content that is very informational, reader-friendly and is highly effective to the extent that it draws the line between you and your competitors.

WIth that in mind, we cited some of the easiest SEO tips for mobile marketing. Doing this will not only enhance your web visibility but will also protect you from getting a penalty from different search engines.

android, app, direction app

This thing is one of the most important listings that business owners should have. Claiming a business listing in Google My Business is also easy and most importantly, free. When you request for a listing, make sure you fill out the necessary sections appropriately and consistently.

For example, if a particular customer lives in a state like Houston and looking for an ice cream parlor, wouldn’t he or she look for it by surfing the web? If you haven’t got a listing in Google My Business, you would probably miss that customer.

Also, it would be best that you include many pictures of your business or physical store if you have one in your listing. Doing this will increase the visibility of your store's information on the web. You wouldn't want to miss this out, right?

2. Review all types of directory listings


You should never be confident in creating a Google My Business listing alone. Since mobile users may not only use GMB in looking for something online, you have to make sure that you also have a listing on different directory listings such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, on Angie's List, and any other famous lists for business.

3. Never leave social media behind

mobile phone social media photography electronic gadget modern technology touchscreen computer

Never underestimate the power of social media as this will greatly drive traffic to your site (if you have one). Small businesses should capitalize on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more importantly in LinkedIn since this type of platform can be your ticket to more traffic and conversions.

Since almost eighty percent (80%) of social media users use their mobile phones while checking out their social media accounts, it's best to use strategies that conform to the platform, interact with your audience, and post content religiously to make sure your brand out-shines your competitors.

These listings here will make sure that potential clients see your name when they search for the best buys on the web.

4. Befriend with keywords for visibility

Mobile users have their set of keywords that are different from those who use desktop computers. Search for the best keywords for your content to rank in different search engines. Doing this will also ensure that your write-up will reach the right target market.

While there are tools out there that you can invest in, you can also look for the best keywords which vary whether the target market is using a desktop computer or a mobile device in one of Google's apps: Search Analytics.

5. Use SEO-friendly images

picture image shot photo cellphone mobile iphone camera sunset hands grass trees mountain hill

6. Have your mobile-friendly content ready

Aside from the fact that those who use mobile devices for browsing the web searches differently than those who use desktop computers, your target audience also comprehend articles differently.

Articles that are reader-friendly and those that you can easily scan tends to suit the mobile device interface and perform better than those that are not. However, you should not be confident. The only way if its working is to test it yourself.


A mobile marketing campaign that is data-driven is something that is not as easy as managing social media accounts solely. First of all, to increase your visibility or your site's presence, you need to exert efforts in Local SEO. Of course, you should also never leave social media behind since this will also aid you in making your marketing campaign successful.

When trying to rank in different search engine's first pages, you have to make sure you're investing in the right set of keywords. Doing so will skyrocket your chances in making your site rank. Images and content should also be mobile SEO-friendly. By following this guideline we have here, you're venturing into something that's surely worth your time, money, and effort.

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