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Stephen Twomey 6 January 2017
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Sharing on Twitter Plays Important Role in 2017

Twitter has been considered as the most used social media button when people share directly from a piece of content. That’s why using this platform is important. With this platform, getting more social shares is possible. Twitter is used to grow and increase your online presence. Sharing of related and relevant content can increase through this process. In 2017, driving the engagement number from your content pieces through Twitter.


According to a survey by Search Engine Journal, more people are using Twitter than the other social media channels. More than half of SEO experts are using this channel to share significant contents online. Facebook follows next with 35% of social media shares. At the bottom of the list are Email/SMS with 6% and Buffer with 4% only. These figures attest the claim that Twitter is a major player in sharing contents.

People here are sharing valuable updates and information with the intent of driving engagement and clicks. So incorporating Twitter strategies in your digital marketing this coming year is awesome. It works better than using other media, like Facebook. One of the reasons is the use of hashtags, and being able to draw traffic from hashtags. Yeah that’s a super protip. Draw traffic from trending hashtags, and get them into your funnel.

Let’s dissect other figures for transparency purposes! Facebook has about 1.7 billion monthly users. They are active. Twitter, on the other hand, has only 313 million monthly active users. The question is that why Twitter is taking the leap in advancing further than Facebook? You have to recognize the fact that the primarily text-based stream of Twitter is easier to  share,post and comment on (yes we are aware you can do video embeds, gifs etc).  Twitter is essentially set up to keep you on the site, but encourages you to visit and learn outside of the platform. Facebook on the other hand is a black hole of productivity.

Facebook is nice. However, the mixture of text, image as well as video can create complexity to its users. It’s done that way to keep you on Facebook. It’s done on purpose. Having success is easy with the help of A Digital Marketing Expert.

This digital marketing team knows that Twitter is engaging. Compared to emailing, it is simper. Yes, we can share direct contents or messages through emails. But Twitter’s simplicity “real time” impact makes a difference. With respect to creating a seamless and automated workflows, email marketing is however applicable and functional. You should be email marketing and building a list. So don’t stop doing it.

It’s been reported that SMS has been declining recently. The  use of SMS apps, like Whatsapp and Snapchat, sharing of content is friendlier by design.

According to experts in Digital media, it is not advisable to disregard Buffer though it only has 2 million active users every month. Buff is a solid social media automation tool. Using it in the right way is the important requisite.

Any SEO Agency knows that Twitter is a powerful platform to drive traffic. It surpasses even Facebook in terms of sharing engagement. The simplicity of this platform is the main reason why most people love to use this one. So in the coming year, you need to understand that this platform is and will continue to be a staple to online marketers.

Stephen Twomey is an Entrepreneur and the Founder of MasterMindSEO. When he is not saving his client’s sanity, he is often found lifting things up and putting them down. He loves spending time with his wife and three young sons.

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