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Janet Scott 10 January 2017
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Mobile App Marketing: a Guide for Running your Business Successfully

Mobile app marketing has made it easier than ever to establish an easy communication with the clients and promote business in a professional way.

Mobile app marketing can be the best gift you can offer your small-scale business for its successful growth. We are in an age where digitalization matters the most and thus bringing your business online could help you gain the benefits. Mobile apps leverage an open-line communication with clients for the business owners. The communication is generally done in the form of marketing and business owners could relax that their messages are reaching to end clients.

An added benefit of marketing through mobile apps is that one can easily see the impact by comparing and analysing the data. It helps to know if the mobile marketing efforts are worth or not. Additionally, app engagement helps how many clients are really interested in your marketing, which is of course very much important for further marketing.

We are going to talk about the effectivity of mobile app marketing later in this article as well as the way to promote your business with the same. Just having an app for the business is not all, you need to engage as much clients as possible to gain the leads.

Personalisation is the key for gaining client’s loyalty towards the business. Everyone of us wish to gain services that are tailored to suit our needs. And, when such services are offered, hardly any client would say no to it. Here is more on how app marketing can prove to be the best bet for your business.

Following are some of the techniques that business owners could use with effective mobile app marketing technique.

Push notification

Push notifications are the chief communicators in the effective app marketing approach. For some of the clients the approach is one annoying and for others it seems to be effective. As the choice of services varies from a client to another their reason for approval or unliking the services differs in the similar manner.

Push notifications are an effective tool for the businesses in order to pass business information to the users. Through push notifications, users get to know about new business offers, affordable deals, and other essential business information.

Opt in & opt out

The aim with this technique is to prompt users to receive push notifications. In order to increase the engagement of clients, highlight the benefits of opting for the push notification. Tell them they can get exclusive benefits by opting for the services. If the benefits of opting for the services gets very much clear for the clients, they are sure to opt in for the push notifications. Be as specific and honest as you can with your approach.

Segmenting audience and personalisation

Segmenting the audience and personalising their experience is the best marketing approach. Users can be segmented depending upon their age, sex, choice of services etc, and then offering them personalised services depending upon their last browsing history.

Personalised campaigns would suit to the requirements of specific clients & for serving the users overall, you need to devote your time and efforts for designing another campaign. This campaign must have an effective approach.  


Timing of sending notifications is equally important. In order to know the best timings for sending the notifications, you need to do a thorough test of the previous campaigns to find out the best timing users have responded to your mails. A little research in this direction could help you gain beneficial insight.

In case you are serving to international clients also, consider the best time when you can send the push notification or the related campaigns to the clients.    


Mobile app marketing is an effective way of branding your business and establishing a direct communication with the clients. The approach is innovative and needs a little bit of efforts to let your business taste the success.

Appdexa is involved in listing the top companies that offer top mobile app marketing companies services to the clients. We do a thorough research prior to providing the details.

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