Janet Scott
Janet Scott 17 January 2017

Key Components to Plan your Mobile Budget in 2017

Now that the new year has already begun, it is time to plan a mobile strategy that is affordable, effective and customer oriented at the same time.

Previous years have remained influential in creating mobile strategies that are affordable, exceptional as well as user centric. As innovative technology has already surfaced in mobile app development industry, the development cost for the same is increasing every year.

In such a competitive price market, saving on the cost of development is something that every company looks for. Right from your mobile app landing page to the count of installation your app has received, there is a number of such factors that could exceptionally help you to save on the cost of mobile app development.

While success of app landing page and installation matters for the complete success of application, it is always good to save on the costing as much as possible. The write up is going to talk about the measures that could help companies plan a mobile strategy that is cost-effective and compelling at the same time.

Here are the key components to plan the mobile app development budget in 2017.

App store optimization

App listing in the app store is one of the effective marketing strategy to introduce your users among the audience. The listing of your app in the app store influences user’s decision whether they are going to install the app or not. It takes a few minutes for users to decide if they are interested in installing the app.

The most important reason to invest in effective app store optimization is to influence the users to install the app. An exceptionally designed ASO technique is an effective method to bring organic traffic and engage the users who are really interested in taking up the services.  

Marketing road map

A sincerely created marketing road map must include the development approach & related ideology. The aim behind creating the marketing road map is to engage users as much as possible and increase the user engagement at the same time.

Approaches such as push notification, social media sharing integration, deep linking, in-app management, tracking user’s behavior etc. will help to make a plan that could engage more and more users in your services. These strategies are effective & result-oriented too.


There is a very small percentage of people who visit app store for the second time after installing an application. Additionally, 80% of people uninstall an application after downloading it. That means you need to indulge in remarketing techniques to attract clients.

Remarketing techniques can help engage dormant users and increase their engagements. It is always cheaper to retain the older clients than to acquire new clients for the business. Thus, instead of making strategy to acquire new clients, it is effective to retain the older ones.

The A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the most important approaches to find which approach is the best. It is one of the most influential elements for performance optimization. Knowing which approach the users are liking the most is important to include in the app optimization.

Right from push notification to onboard optimization and to the creative aspect of your app, it is very much important to include the A/B testing.


Getting ahead of your competitors with effective mobile app development strategies that too in an affordable manner is all that will lead you towards success that too in the budget you have planned.

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