Sarah Nochimowski
Sarah Nochimowski 27 January 2017

Facebook Users Have Embraced Video Advertisement

In Q3 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion MAUs. As the world’s most interactive and engaging social media powerhouse, Facebook has leveraged video remarketing to the max.

As at Q3 2016, Facebook featured 1.79 billion MAUs (monthly active users). This is a staggering amount, compared to Q3 2012 when the number of MAUs at Facebook was 1 billion. What is equally important for this social media juggernaut is the number of monthly active mobile users, now at 1.57 billion. Facebook stands head and shoulders above the competition, and that is no mean feat. While the rate of growth has slowed somewhat since Q3 2008, the sheer number of active users on Facebook is astounding.

The next target for Facebook is 2 billion MAUs, and that is not too far off into the future. Facebook has captivated the attention of users the world over, and this presents myriad marketing and advertising opportunities to companies. The challenge now becomes how best to compete on this social media platform with fellow advertisers for the patronage of Facebook users. Luckily, video remarketing is the solution.

The Effectiveness of Video Remarketing on Facebook

Nowadays, most everybody is fully engaged with video content. It is the #1 most effective communication medium on the planet. Gone are the days where rudimentary banners were the preferred communication medium with advertises. Now, multimedia-rich content rules the roost. Text simply doesn’t cut it anymore, unless it is matched with interactive and engaging video to entice users. Facebook allows for video remarketing direct from its social media engine. Companies that have already advertised their products and services to users can effectively re-target those same people by way of video remarketing initiatives. This is how the term remarketing came about. It is important to distinguish between video marketing and video remarketing – interested customers already exist in the latter form of marketing.

This begs the question: Where would Facebook users source this video remarketing content? The news feed. That’s precisely where everyone meets and greets in cyberspace on Facebook.

Social media is undoubtedly the most effective communication medium for advertisers to reach their target audience. Sure, there is Pinterest, Google +, Snapchat, Twitter and Vine, but Facebook is the gold standard. Facebook dominates the industry in much the same way as Microsoft dominates software and Google dominates the Internet. Anyone who has already visited your website is fair game for video remarketing on Facebook. That’s why marketing departments are focusing so heavily on re-engaging with these customers.

How Is Video Remarketing Used on Facebook?

The good news is that Facebook makes it easy for marketers to get their videos up on Facebook. Remarketing campaigns are a breeze, and all that you need to do is install the Facebook pixel on your e-commerce site, and you’re good to go. This pixel will redirect all your website traffic, or you can have it activated on specific pages within your website. As soon as you have done this, you can easily run video remarketing ads for specific web visitors from Facebook. This will allow you to enjoy their ongoing patronage and drive traffic and sales.

Facebook also offers uses an ad creation tool. This allows you to target specific customer groups so that you can expand your network as a marketing professional. There is another section for marketing professionals known as the lookalike audiences. This great feature acts as an identification tool for grouping together people with similar interests, wants and preferences. So, if your specific target market group has a preference for telescopic lenses, the lookalike audience feature will expand your proverbial net to include people with similar interests.

Video ads abound on Facebook. These can all be measured with the Facebook API and you can generate content, sounds, sights and motions accordingly. The ad creative at Facebook makes it possible to use your existing video ID and then upload a video direct to your Facebook network from your ad account in the video library. Alternatively, you can go directly via the page video feed and have your video uploaded there. Slideshow features are also available for your remarketing initiatives. Video remarketing efforts are far more effective than image slideshows. However, the slideshows are a big step up from static pages and dry text banners. As a marketer, cost always features prominently in the equation. That is why the ad set is important. All clients are concerned about the cost per view, so maximization of this metric is imperative.

The Effectiveness of Video Remarketing with Facebook

Once a video has been created, you can target all those visitors who have previously shown an interest in your website. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth x 30 pictures per second. There is so much potential with video remarketing; it is an effective way to engage shoppers at every level. Shoppers can be reached via surveys, e-Books, free trials and webinars. According to Forbes, users prefer video remarketing over all other options.

What Are The Current Trends in Video Remarketing?

Customers roundly agree that video remarketing is their preferred advertising medium. Back in 2014, a survey concluded that 93% of marketing pros utilized video content. Of that number, 83% preferred video to other methods. At the time, some 41% of adults in the US watched online videos. The benefit of using video to relay messages is its inherent attractiveness over mundane text. For Facebook users, the slide share option is rapidly gaining traction with users in developing countries. Places like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are moving towards low-cost internet but they’re not there yet and that’s where slide share is effective.

Here are the Main Reasons Why Video Remarketing Works so Well on Facebook

  • Videos inspire trust and confidence in users
  • Human interaction is more engaging than text
  • People enjoy voice stimulation over dry text advertising
  • Video remarketing has strong appeal in social media circles
  • Users are far more interested in short video remarketing campaigns
  • The credibility and shareability factors are paramount in video remarketing

Video remarketing is fully developed in first world countries. In places like the US, Canada, across Europe and Australia, the effectiveness of video remarketing is exceptional. Most users now have multiple tablets, smartphones and PCs, and video can reach them on all media devices. Mobile is rapidly growing, and will soon dwarf standard PC and related options. Audiences enjoy the storytelling aspect of videos, and this is exactly why videos are so converting in remarketing.

Overall, Facebook video remarketing is the most effective conversion tool available to marketers. People don’t want to be bombarded with annoying banners and dry advertising. Videos that are incisive, captivating and converting will always find an audience on Facebook. The added value that remarketing initiatives gain from this is incredible. Once people have shown an interest in the products offered by company, they are more likely to make a purchase with a convincing video remarketing campaign.

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