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Sophia Skinbjerg 17 January 2017
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5 Arguments to Convince Your Boss You Need a New Email Marketing Platform

If you’re tired of using your current email marketing platform, here’s five arguments to convince your boss that you need a new one.

1. Your mailings aren’t responsive

The very first telltale sign that you need to get a new email marketing platform is when your provider doesn’t offer a preview in the dashboard of what your mailing will look like across devices.

Considering that 51% of users now access their emails on mobile devices, there is little argument to why you should keep sending mailings that aren’t taking your reader’s device into account. At the very least, readers will jump straight out of the mailing – 40% of them in fact. At the very worst, they’ll unsubscribe and you’ll no longer have a customer or potential lead.


Can readers read your mailing across all devices?

Can readers read your mailing across all devices?


Want mailings that look great across all devices? Set up a free account and see how easy it is to create responsive mailings.


2. It’s too complicated to use the email marketing platform you have now

With larger corporations comes the need for a larger, more comprehensive ‘one-time-purchase’ software solution.

The problem with this solution is that it’s often very expensive and designed in a way that maximizes the number of features but doesn’t at all consider usability. What should be a simple 15-minute task becomes an hour of fiddling with settings, emailing support and then finding the preset in a tucked away menu item. If you’re using an email marketing platform or software that’s more than ten years old you will definitely know what I’m talking about.

How it feels to use an old platform. Source:

Great news is that larger companies and corporations don’t have to be restricted to this old way of purchasing software – subscription-based services are a great alternative and financially speaking, spread the cost across a larger time period than a ‘one-off-purchase’ software solution.

Reputable email service providers and platforms should also provide different price tiers based on the needs of each company e.g. the number of contacts in your database, number of users or level of support. This is great for your company long-term since your subscription type remains flexible, changing as the needs of your company changes.

We have different subscriptions for companies of all sizes, check out your recommended price package here.


3. You don’t get the support you need

Not all email service providers and platforms are created equal. Since the needs of the company and user vary, it makes sense that different email marketing companies offer a variety of services.

What’s crucial is that you find a provider that caters to your exact needs. For example, if you know that you like to have access to a great support team, it’s important that you find a provider that has a customer service team that’s easy to reach via phone, email or chat. High levels of support aren’t often associated with the a budget email marketing platform or providers so keep this in mind as you’re browsing for a replacement.

Looking for great support? Our marketing-educated support team is there every step of the way. Test them out after creating a free account.


4. You’re juggling too many free platforms

Though there is no arguing that the development of open-sourced apps and cloud-based software has brought us fantastic technology that is often free, it has also created a problem of its own: inefficient reporting and analysis.


Image via

Image via


It’s now harder than ever to combine all the information you need for reporting from free apps and software (analytics, engagement statistics etc). Marketers can use free apps for all aspects of email marketing but if you have one for each function it can quickly add up and soon you’re managing ten or more platforms. Why is this an issue? Well, if you can’t collate all your data and grasp what your information is actually telling you, how can you be expected to report progress to bigger email marketing goals?

Want to trial our platform for free before showing your boss? You can test text messages, customer surveys or even entire email campaigns. Sign up here.

This relatively new problem stems from a lack of being able to integrate platforms and providers. Your best solution to this is to find a comprehensive email-marketing platform or a provider that has an API for integration with systems already used by your employer.

Want to integrate with our API? Get in contact with our support team.


5. You don’t have the time to fit in all aspects of mailing production

If you find that you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, it might be an idea to consider outsourcing part of the mailing production process.

Whether it’s tailored design, extra copywriting needs or even a fresh set of eyes on your overall strategy, outsourcing some of the process can free up your time to focus on bigger projects or even those daily to-do lists – and it’s quite common in larger marketing teams.

Keep in mind that often the budget solution platforms and providers won’t offer extra professional services meaning you may need to go through an agency that specializes in your chosen provider. This can quickly become a huge cost. When browsing for an email marketing platform, check out whether they offer complementary professional services.


Sign up for a free account

And show your boss how easy it is to use the Ungapped platform. Sign up here.

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