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Jagriti Chakraborty 8 February 2017
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The Present & Future Of Smartphones In 2017

It's one month into the new year and its time to get to know about the upcoming mobiles. Let's take a look at the future of the smartphone this year.

Last year, like every year, was jam packed with the launch and showcasing of the new smartphones with much better specs and humongous capacities. With the exponential evolution of smartphones, nothing seems too difficult, and every technology becomes obsolete in the evening if you bought it in the morning. 2016 was a marvellous year for the smartphone lover who wants to get an amazing phone. From entry level to flagships, we saw launches in all category and with every price tag.

2017 will be no different, apart from iOS and android app development, the year will be full of launches and the teasing of the smartphones by suppliers. We've compiled everything that needs your attention in 2017.  Have a look!

New Launches

Nothing is more fascinating than a new smartphone launch, and 2017 is not going to disappoint you. With dozens of devices hitting the shops, we see some of them as important. Apple’s iPhone 8 is rumoured to be coming to the stands in September this year. Apple might drop the physical home button, which has been the iconic figure for the company, this will make iPhone a sleek slate of glass giving an edge on the opponents.

Talking of edge, reminds us yes you guessed it, Samsung. As the Korean giant is skipping the MWC, Samsung’s most awaited phone Galaxy S8 will be coming in April 2017. And after Note 7’s battery problem, S8 has a special phone not only for the fans but also for the company itself.

As Samsung is skipping the MWC, the biggest attraction will be LG with its G6. However, we expect that LG might rename its device as the name is already taken by LG TV. By launching the successor of G5, the company aims to regain control over the market. Although rumours suggest that LG might ditch its modular design.

Return Of The Mighty

2017 will mark the comeback of Nokia and Blackberry. Nokia has already launched Nokia 6, which is a China exclusive phone. But we expect to see the launch of Nokia along with Nokia D1C, a mid-segment phone which might feature snapdragon 430 processor clocked at 1. GHz, 2 or 3 GB RAM along with a whopping 13 and 16 MP camera set.


Blackberry shared a phone called Mercury at CES, and it is expected to be launched during MWC 2017. Blackberry will return to its core that is Qwerty keypad with this device. Although there is no official word on the specs of the phone, it is expected to feature a 4.5 inches display along with 4 GB RAM and it will be powered with 3400 mAh battery.

Superfast Network

2016 saw the full fledge launch of 4G technology where 3G was considered as the top notch for the carrier part. 4G and VoLTE is now common, even in entry level phone of 5000 price tag category. Thanks to Jio there is an ongoing price war with Airtel, Vodafone and Idea slashing their net prices. And this will continue in 2017 as well.

VR/AR - The Next Big Thing

Virtual and Augmented Reality although started in 2016, but will go by wings this year. With different manufacturers coming into play, most notably Lenovo and OnePlus, the segment is about to witness an up-going graph. And to match with the hardware capabilities many top app development companies might come up with their solutions to make Virtual Reality even more realistic.

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