Angelo Zammit
Angelo Zammit 14 February 2017

Marketing in the New Era and Millennials

What has marketing come to? Is it good or bad that we now have pretty much done away with traditional advertising and marketing? Well, it's been a great change seeing the communication barrier directed specifically towards each individual customer on a personal level.

Text message or mobile marketing has become the most effective form of marketing in 2017. Millennials have adopted a whole new way of engaging with each other and it seems they prefer their marketing the same!

Mobile Marketing - Marketing has for sure played a significant role in some of the leading corporate businesses development and growth threw out the years.Companies like Starbucks for example have mastered the art. But the issue we found was how does the small business owner who owns the local coffee shop on the corner compete.

It’s simple; loyalty is the key in any business's growth. Hence the reason companies such as Dunkin Donuts and most recently RaceTrac have implemented their very own Loyalty Rewards Program. In fact they have spent millions upon millions developing such platforms. All in attempt to retain and draw repeat business utilizing existing customers.

See, what corporate companies have realized that the small business owner struggles with is, it cost 5 times more money to obtain a new customer then it does to keep an existing one. To add insult to injury, existing customers will spend 80% more money than a new customer. Sounds crazy right? But it’s facts!



What’s the solution:

Just to touch on the small business owner for a moment I’d like to say and in your defence, it hasn't always been very cost effective as well as simple to implement such a marketing strategy. In the past, we used what we call the paper punch card. Well, there in itself lies the downfall. Allowing one to have possession of a paper card with reward incentives encouraged most to cheat for a lack of a better term. Customers would punch extra holes in order to gain a particular reward much sooner or even go as far as saying they lost their card with one punch away. Not to say most customers didn't lose their Cards because that was another enormous issue, but you get the point. And that is just two of many arguments I share in the paper punch loyalty rewards department.

Lucky for you, the world has taken a huge leap of faith into the new era and technology has dominated the planet in the past half-decade or so as far as loyalty programs go. They have become much affordable with companies who are dedicated to the small businesses like East Coast Loyalty. Point is, ECL has taken the traditional punch card and digitised it into an app and tablet check in based program. All customers need to do now is opt-in via mobile number via tablet and wait for an automated text message to download your loyalty rewards app. Then it’s all uphill from there. Now Businesses can reach their customers in real time, anytime with a simple text message incentive.


For more information on how to get started with your very own loyalty rewards program and start reaching your customers now, visit or watch our video on Loyalty Programs. Start promoting exclusive deals, discounts, offers, incentivs, events etc. See how you can increase your ROI by nearly 35% by simply implimenting a unique text message marketing strategy. 

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