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Alex Sam 6 July 2017
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Future-Tech that is Transforming Mobile App Development in UAE

Dubai, the global cosmopolitan city is taking the centrestage when it comes to digital advancements in the Middle East. Read more about its digital feats.

Ever since the iPhone was launched in 2007, mobile apps have taken a steady presence in our daily lives. Of courses there are lot of mobile app development in Android, Windows, Blackberry and rest of the app ecosystems to consider. The Bottomline: Mobile apps are everywhere.

Adding muscle to this fact is the survey statistic of VentureBeat which weighs the mobile app economy to reach a market size of $101 billion by 2020. Especially in the UAE and its cosmopolitan power houses, businesses are queuing to build ecommerce apps for their online stores, services, products and everything else in between.

UAE has been a favorite destination for the world to splurge on latest gadgets, luxury cars and even fashion labels. As this article is being written, the Dubai’s eCommerce market is marching at full pace to reach a net worth of approximate $13.4 billion by 2020. This is almost the double of $7 billion market size of 2014.

Taking Flight into the Future with Mobile App Development


  • 76% Active mobile Internet users in UAE
  • 52% Active population using social media app 
  • 45% Population watching videos on mobile devices
  •  33% of population playing games on mobile devices 
  • 31% of population using mobile devices for banking

The population of UAE has embraced mobile apps as a omnipresent utility in their daily lives. Mobile application development companies in UAE are taking the fast lane in mobile app development for a number of reasons. Taking maximum leverage of the smartphone penetration and Internet accessibility is first in agenda for these companies. And to aid that they are exploring unusual technologies in innovative business models that were non-existent a decade ago.

Apps that Foster Better Communication

Instant Messaging communication is at its heyday. Hundreds of chat apps float across user screens helping them stay in touch with their loved ones instantly without being separated by the distant barrier. Enterprises are pouring funds to build chat app on Android, iOS ,Windows, etc. to facilitate better inter-office communication.

Apps that Put Health at Fingertips

IHS, an information and analytics provider estimates global installations of sports, health and fitness apps to exceed 248 million by 2017. Any top-ranking mobile app development company in Dubai must be able to catch the wind about where the app economy is heading.

Armed with smartphone apps that track movement, sleep pattern and even everyday physical activities, users will start looking for smartphones apps that enable them to track specific fitness or health activities and also share them across social networks.

Future Tech Comes to Smartphone Screens

The success rate of any mobile app is determined by its length and frequency of usage by users. When it comes to retaining user attention, there is no competition for mobile apps that are fitted with interactive technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Augmented reality mobile app development is catching up across the world with a ferocious pace. Marketers find the use of Augmented Reality exceedingly impressive and rich on return.

Future-tech technologies poised for surge in UAE

UAE has always been in the fore-front to adapt new technologies in all spheres of living. From construction to oil & gas and even town planning, UAE has deployed several technology led innovations that has made the country a haven for living.

The future-tech that are being currently deployed in UAE include:

  • Geo-location that will enable locals and tourists alike to navigate through the region without any difficulty.
  • Augmented Reality that will give a new dimension to common information sharing, consumption and even entertainment.
  • Wearables that will simplify personal identification, access controls in public places and health monitoring.

Hail a Taxi with a Screen Tap

Taxis may not always stop when you raise a hand for them, but in today’s world, companies like Uber help stranded commuters to hail for a quick ride using mobile apps. In fact, in Dubai, even air taxis and helicopter rides can be booked for using taxi mobile apps.

Getting Paid for Having Fun

Restaurants, online stores and every other businesses are investing to create an ecommerce mobile app that will build customer engagement through loyalty programs. These loyalty programs offer customers reward points and offers for every successful transaction completed using the mobile app for ecommerce.

Automating Deliveries Across Industries

With ecommerce growing in a steadfast manner, on-demand delivery app development is also warming up to the occasion.

  • On demand grocery app development: Mobile apps for customers who want self-chosen groceries to be home delivered at a specific schedules.
  • On demand restaurant apps: Mobile apps that help customer order their favorite dishes to be delivered at chosen destinations.
  • On demand delivery app: Couriers, logistics or even individuals who want to track their package journeys on their phone screens.

Purpose-Made Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Each business has its own business requirement which can be well attended to with purpose-made mobile apps. Mobile apps to simplify order management CRM, sales tracking, employee productivity, custom mobile communication systems and much more.

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