Robert Everett
Robert Everett 24 February 2017

3 Key Things To Know Before Planning A SEO Budget

Success in any marketing activity is primarily based on ideas and strategies. As a business owner, it is important to understand the key elements of SEO to come up with a strategic and goal oriented SEO plan for your business.

It is important to plan and schedule all the marketing activities to ensure that they are all under control and therefore minimize the SEO cost. The amount of money you will invest in SEO campaigns will determine the kind of results you will get in return. Though difficult to set a budget for you SEO campaigns, having a ballpark in your mind will help you allocate the budget appropriately starting with areas that require more focus.

You should be patient to wait for results

          Usually, it takes a long time to implement SEO strategy to life. Optimization usually takes from 4 to 6 months to gain first results. It can take up to one year to wait until they bring any conspicuous profit.

          During the first month, you are usually making discoveries, auditing, as well as planning, which is a crucial part of this job. The second part usually begins in the second month of your work. It is a time of implementation and hardships connected with it. It takes time for engines to understand the changes. You shouldn`t wait for any results even at the end of the second month, as it is still too early for that.

          The third and the fourth month can bring something close to positive effect, but its amount will be minimal. The sixth month will show a smooth movement towards the defined targets, but the real profit will start beginning from the 12th month as experienced entrepreneurs say.

          Numerous issues can arise and not always deadlines can be met. There are things which cannot be changed. SEO can be called a long term assignment. When the search engine begins to push your site up after you free it to the web, you will need to make changes to it many times. But the algorithms, created for that purpose, is designed in a way that it will recognize the amendments only after some time.

          You will see the results if any, only after a couple of months will pass. It can take six to eight months for the SEO plan to start working. Any full results will be visible only after eight more months of work.

          All these factors can affect your planning of the budget enormously. You need to take into consideration some of the hints we want to share with you to not lose your money. By following them you can prevent your business to make crucial mistakes which can destroy your business.

To plan a SEO budget consider the following three key things:

1. SEO plan strategy

SEO plan is a long-term strategic project which impacts the real effect to your business gradually from the time they are initiated. It is not right to think that you will set up a plan and be able to see the results immediately as it will take some time to mature and get full results in your business website when you start implementing your ideas and discoveries.

To improve the organic ranking of your site, it will require you to get new discoveries, plan and audit them during the startup days to ensure complete results as you progress. From the time you initiate your SEO, it will take more than six months to obtain complete results. This explains why it should be well-planned and budgeted for before it is initiated to ensure that it is not left unfinished in the midst of formation since the results are not immediate.​


To make a good budget and not to bankrupt follow the information provided by SEO reports.

There is a problem that most of clients who use SEO find reports as too complicated and regard them too difficult to read. Reports are usually ignored as clients don`t find time to read them or can`t believe the statistics provided.

          Eliminate that problem by making anybody from the professionals to read and interpret your SEO reports for you.

          Otherwise you can ask the company you`ve assigned a SEO order to make their reports more simplistic. Client is always right, anyway.


2. Expense of the SEO

As an entrepreneur, it is worth knowing that SEO is not cheap. Though cheap to acquire, It requires significant large amounts of money to fund your SEO activities payable on a monthly basis. If you are not from the SEO industry, it will be difficult for you to comprehend the Google algorithm which is very complicated. Therefore, you will be required to hire a quality SEO as well as a digitalized marketing company that will be able to provide you incredible and more comprehensive services which go at a cost not less than $2,500 per month. It requires a minimum investment of $30,000 in a single year for you to start up your campaigns on SEO.

There are three options to choose from to ensure delivery of the SEO services which may include:

  • Contacting a freelancer (which is the cheapest option)
  • Hire a person in-house 
  • Partner with the SEO agencies.

Partnering with some of the SEO companies or content providers such as some top rated essay writing service is more expensive but guarantees incredible results with a more diverse expertise range hence more preferred. Some companies that may claim to offer you affordable SEO services at a cheaper cost maybe less specialized and may end up doing harm to your business. If you are serious about your work, it is wise to spend and invest more on rich sources that will deliver you the best and high-quality services that are helpful in your entrepreneurial career.

Regardless of what most of the people say SEO will need large amounts of money to start. The cost for every acquisition of this marketing tool is not that high from the first glance. But take into consideration that it will be a sum you need to pay monthly. If you summarize it, you`ll get a considerable amount of money.

There are engines which have complex functional systems to understand which you will require either relevant knowledge or to hire a SEO who will be an expert in what he`s doing. These guys will charge you with monthly payment from $2000 to $5.500 per month. That means you will need to spend at least $55.000 a year to cover the expenses. Of course, there will be cheaper variants, but they can only harm your business.

3. ROI measuring metrics and SWOT analysis

Many entrepreneurs use the ranking metric to measure their return on investment which is not a right metric to focus your SEO efforts on as the top Google ranking does not consider some of the important issues in your entrepreneurial websites such as traffic flow and the indicator sales report. The metrics that all entrepreneurs should focus on should consider some of the fundamental aspects such as traffic flow, the number of consistent visitors, trending leads, rates of currency conversion and the total sales.

To ensure higher returns on investments, you need to understand the SEO campaign key elements before taking a step to venture more into SEO. Choosing a competitive and a more comprehensive metric will help you in budgeting for the resources available and ensure a wise spending. 

And don`t forget about SWOT: strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis should be carried out regardless in which business you are involved. Your SEO campaigns won`t make any difference if you ignore this simple rule. You should analyze what you do every time you don`t want your efforts to be vain.

          The analysis of this kind will help you to understand where to apply more efforts as well as money to enhance the process. Analyze whatever you do so you will know the problems which should be fixed.

          When it comes to SEO cost, working out the budget of your optimization project, don`t forget that your success depends on how much you will spend on the quality of the fulfillment of your demand. Follow the above mentioned advice and it will bring your business to success.

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tahid uzun
tahid uzun

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andrewbrooks andrewbrooks

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