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Nataliia Kharchenko 6 December 2017
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Original apps ideas: the right way to implement them in your business

New ideas can change the world. And it doesn’t matter who you are and what you are. The creative idea can come to your mind unexpectedly, and wise implementation of this idea can bring you glory, success and wealth.

The main thing is to make sure that your idea is really original and no one has used it yet. Then you can try to succeed, but if you don’t avoid certain pitfalls, you can fail.

That is why today we want to reveal the secret of how to create an original app and gain the lead. So your app will be innovative and outstanding at the same time.

Why do you need an original idea?

You should know that the total revenue from mobile app industry will grow twice by 2020 compared to 2016, according to research from Statista. But it doesn’t mean that all apps are successful and bring millions to their owners. For example, just see how many apps you can find in Google Play store. Impressive? Yes, and now just pay your attention to how many of them are really advantageous and can be unique. Just a couple of apps. Moreover, on the average, about nine of ten new projects fail. So, to make your app better than others, you should do your utmost. And why do these apps fail? Let’s see.

There are a few key factors of failure: 

  • No demand for the app;
  • Financing is discontinued;
  • The market is full of competitors;
  • Wrong marketing strategy.

No demand for the app is the most serious trouble for all startupers. It means that their app is either too simple and widespread or there are no any practical benefits in it. So it is very important to take into account all these factors.

For instance, Karhoo app (that is an analog of Uber app). It became the absolute clone of Uber in everything, so it was not a surprise for anybody when it failed. Or Nouncer app, that was also a copy of Twitter. It also didn’t survive in this cruel competition. 

You simply cannot use the idea that is not already new. You should create something unique and unseen before to stand out in the crowd. But it is highly required to consider your future target audience and possible competitors on your way. Only in this case your app will survive.

Ways to upgrade your existing app

Today users want to see everything in your app. It should be user-friendly and full of many interesting and useful features. If we speak about e-commerce app, users want to choose goods, pay for them and get a delivery. Fitness app? It should be compatible with wearables, and other additional features should be available. In this case, to provide users with such features, you need to upgrade your app and enhance it.

Of course, a fascinating app should be created from scratch, but what should you do, if you already have an app? You should enhance it, as we mentioned above. Now then, let’s check out some cool tips you’d better keep in mind to make your app better.

New useful features

First of all, these features should be a solution to the specific problems or one problem at least. For example, you have an app like Foursquare for searching cafe, hotels and other necessary services. If you integrate chat feature to converse with the representatives of the specific service, booking feature and Buy button, your app will become much more popular. Then, if all new features improved your app, then you can think about adding something new to turn your app into a magnificent product. 

Remember about new technologies

Make the research of technological market to find out what’s new it can boast about. If your app has some new technology, it can be more competitive since people see that your app goes with the times.
We can take IKEA company as an example. First, they had an app that anyone could use for connection with their shops. But then specialists of the company added Augmented Reality to this app, and it was modified completely. People were really surprised and the number of users has grown in a few times. 

Well, take into account that some new things in your app can remain unnoticed. But in the future, all innovations can have a good effect on the app popularity. If your app simply has higher performance compared to competitors, it will give you some advantage over them. Moreover, if users see that you always try to add something new, it means that you take care of them, and users will appreciate it. 

If you already have an app, you can get feedback from your users what they want to see in your app, and consider it to add in further. Thus, your relationships with customers will become much better, and their loyalty towards your app will grow.

Original ideas for building new app

If you intend to build a really creative app, then there are some points you should follow to achieve it. Check them out. 

#1. Dominance of the technology

If your idea isn’t really innovative and the future app will probably have lots of competitors, then you can try to beat them with a higher app performance. It works, believe us!

When you elaborate all technical details of your app, add new technologies, then you will be able to be the first one in this race. People will see more benefits in your app than in other apps of this segment. 

Telegram app can be an example. It was developed when such apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and other messengers already were famous and popular. But, nevertheless, Telegram gave the people the opportunity to have secure chatting. This feature allowed Telegram to outpace many competitors. 

#2. Creativity

Well, if you belong to those persons that can generate cool and novel ideas, then you need to create an innovative app that the world hasn’t seen yet. Creative apps have one great advantage - its novelty will attract more users than an ordinary app can do. Furthermore, the users will share your cool idea with other people, and it will make your audience grow. So the profit does. 

Like Camper Weather app did it. Camper is a shoe brand, but it created weather app. Why? Because they created an app where you can find different objects that move along with enjoyable tunes. Objects are created using different types of digital fabrics, and here you can associate these objects with shoes. So the app doesn’t advertise shoes, but it entertains people and it increases the interest of users towards Camper brand. 

#3. New technology

You must always be aware of all new technologies in the IT market. Using some new tech can give you a superiority. Take a look at Pokemon Go. Developers of this game understood that Augmented Reality can rule and created Pokemon Go game that conquered the whole world. What’s interesting, this game became popular even before the release. 

Although today Pokemon Go fever is over, development company got a few billion into its moneybox. 

There are many technologies on the market. You just need to choose one of them and use wisely, that’s all.

#4. App as a solution

Users appreciate the apps that solve certain problems. That is why your app can become the best assistant for people. We can show you a few examples of such apps. 

Photomath app. If you are not a good specialist in math, then this app will help you solve math tasks quickly. You can just take a picture of the task and voila! - see the solution in the app. Moreover, the solution will be described step by step. 

ClapToFind app. You lost your phone somewhere in your dwelling. Is this a common situation, isn’t it? How to find it, if there is no other phone to call or your phone in a silent mode? Just clap your hands, and the phone will respond. All ingenious is simple. 

The purpose of such apps is to simplify people’s life. They are user-friendly and they can give everything people need. So, as you see, you must consider many issues to succeed and to make a great profit. If your app is creative and innovative, people will use it. So just never rush, elaborate everything and follow the right road!

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