Anastasia Sviridenko
Anastasia Sviridenko 15 August 2017

Get Better SMS Marketing Results with This Periodic Table

SMS Marketing has proven to be effective for small businesses and large corporations. But to do it right, there is a certain number of rules a business owner should follow. This SMS Marketing Periodic Table will help you get the most of your text message marketing campaign.

With 82,1% of phone device owners saying they read every text message they receive, it would be a missed opportunity not to try it for your business. However, to get the desired results from your SMS campaign, you have to follow certain rules and delivery practices, and include all the important elements in the body of your text message.

To help you make the most of your texting efforts, the team over at TextMagic has put together the SMS Marketing Periodic Table

Following the steps from the SMS Marketing Guide box, you can choose a goal for your campaign, pick the type(s) of texts, and make sure you've included everything necessary in your message. Let's go over the categories of the table.

Defining the Strategy

This will be your first and most important step. Make sure that your SMS strategy is tailored to the other elements of your marketing mix and fits the overall marketing strategy.

Campaign Goals

Would you like to grow sales for your business, or drive more traffic to the website you've just launched? Pick one or two goals that align with your strategy.

Choosing the Type of a Text Message

Let's say your goal is to grow sales. Take a look at the next category of elements in the Periodic Table and decide which type(s) of a text message would be the best fit here. If it's growing sales, you can pick between Coupons, Exclusive offers, Special occasion offers, Holiday offers, or Time-dependent discounts. And you can combine them. 

Elements of an SMS Message

This category can be used as a checklist. You won't need to include all those elements in your message, just choose the ones that are relevant to your type of text. However, using certain elements like Value for the reader, Clear instructions, Call-to-action, is a must.

Delivery Best Practices

Creating an effective message is just the first step. To get the best results, you must follow these delivery practices:

  • Customize the text to each segment of your audience.
  • Send 2-4 messages per month. If you send more, the unsubscribe rates will grow drastically.
  • The best timing is during working hours which is approximately from 10 am till 5 pm. This way you won't disturb a client when they are resting or commuting.

Growing Your Subscriber List

Never stop building the list of your subscribers. Thus, you will always have a number of prospects to send out your messages to even if the unsubscribe rates grow. Look through the ways to build your list in the table, and decide which ones will be the most effective for your company.

Recipient Segmentation

Segmenting your audience is a must. If you send something irrelevant to a client, they will most probably unsubscribe. Before hitting SEND, think again if the message can satisfy a need of this particular group of subscribers.

Now you have everything you need to start a successful SMS campaign for your business. Hopefully, the table will simplify the process of campaign planning for you.

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