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Irfan Ahmed 17 August 2017
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5 Instagram Marketing Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from These Successful Brands

Instagram Stories is now at 250 million daily active users, vastly surpassing Snapchat's rate according to Facebook's global head of sales. How are big brands using Instagram to boost their sales? Let me share some insights from some famous brands to kick-start your marketing.

Establishing a successful business is not an easy feat, it involves determination, effort, hard work, and formulation of effective strategies that shape the business environment. Businesses these days are now preferring online inbound marketing techniques as they work best for most of the brands compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Instagram, formerly considered as a social media platform for young people, has now become a worthwhile business hub. Instagram’s user base growth rate is awe-inspiring, in a very short period of time it grows from 300 million to 700 million. This tremendous growth has made Instagram an amazing choice for many digital marketers and a majority of large brands are taking their digital marketing campaigns to this amazing platform.

Let’s have a look at some Instagram marketing techniques that some famous brands are adapting to making the most of the opportunities that Instagram provides.

1. Offer Your Prospects a Clear Conversion Path

Walmart is a renowned eCommerce business that is getting the most of Instagram by formulating an effective strategy to convert prospects. The brand decided to use the help of third party service to simplify the conversion path. And they provide a link to their sales page on Instagram bio so that people can easily click on it and avoid the hassle of searching for products.

On Walmart’s Instagram bio, a Like2Buy link is present which undoubtedly smoothen the conversion path. A sales page that is merely a copy of Walmart’s Instagram page, allows prospects to find the desired products which capture their interest. This ease of finding the desired product Walmart provides, potential customers are easily pushed down to the middle of the sales funnel by this path.

Many e-commerce businesses that are looking forward to expanding their business and effectively converting their prospects into real leads can use this effective Instagram marketing strategy.

2. Use Hashtags to Promote Your Brand

Since 1988, Nike has been offering the best quality products to its customers. The brand’s trademark “Just Do It” has now become a brand-promotion tenacity to Instagram as Nike concludes its every post with a hashtag #JustDoIt. A quick search for JustDoIt and you will find millions of entries on Instagram.

It results in endless accumulation of unsought brand promoters and millions of people are prefer to embed a JustDoIt hashtag on pictures of themselves wearing Nike products. Remarkably, this type of promotion compels other business to opt for Instagram marketing to increase their ROI. Moreover, this type of Instagram marketing campaign can stimulate brand awareness. All you need is a simple slogan or a trademark, then turn it to hashtag that will resonate with prospects.

3. Boost Engagement through Reposting  

GAP, another renowned brand is making the most of Instagram. Recently, GAP introduced a DoYou hashtag in which they offered their Instagram followers to express themselves by using this hashtag, a repost opportunity.

If truth be told, reposting is an act of re-sharing videos, images already posted on Instagram. The Regram opportunity offered by GAP significantly increased its engagement rate. The number of likes on reports of images by followers was intensely different from those on the previous ones.

Reposting your images and videos can broaden your reach. People are interested in what their friends share, especially when they repost things for a special reason, like regram their posts for a famous business.

A big lesson for all B2C businesses is: stop posting plain, product-centric content, increase your engagement rate by coming down to your prospects’ level, and follow the strategy that GAP adopted on Instagram.

4. Brand Awareness by Using Videos

Despite the fact that 94% of people recognize Coca Cola bottle, the brand still undertakes large-scale brand awareness strategies. The Instagram page of the brand reveals tons of videos targeted at growing interest in Coca Cola bottle. From videos revealing cans of coke customized with a name of your favorite ones to promotional videos by famous celebrities, tons of content resonate with followers.

A lesson that many brands can learn from this brand is: sometimes pictures are not enough to create product awareness, creating interesting and entertaining videos can work best. These will keep prospects abreast.

5. Boost Followers by Tagging Friends

Facebook, the largest social media platform, has an Instagram presence that is worthy of simulation. Frequently, Facebook publishes eye-catching images, attention-grabbing videos, and ask followers to tag friends who have certain qualities.

The strategy of requesting tags is awesome. It increases your potential customers’ interaction, and tons of people are likely to follow your brand after being tagged in the post, which will, in turn, help you attract more and more followers.

Now It’s Your Turn

Believe it or not, the global business environment has altered from what it once used to be. Now social media agencies, ECommerce stores, and other businesses are moving towards inbound marketing techniques and among them, content marketing is indeed the most amazing one. It’s obvious for businesses that want to make the most of their content must have a solid social media marketing plan in position.

Now, you’ll have a clear idea of how Facebook, Walmart, Nike, GAP and Coca Cola are making the most of their Instagram marketing techniques. How they effectively formulate and employed their strategies and how perfectly they are performed in meeting their marketing needs. By following the path of extremely successful brands, start-ups, small and midsize businesses can also reach new heights of success.

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