Graeme Collins
Graeme Collins 7 April 2017

Attributes of an alpha brand in B2B Marketing

‘Alpha’ brands are different. They’re set apart – and they lead their markets. Why? Because they believe passionately in a set of the principles that empower their entire business. This infographic explores what they are.

B2B marketers have always spent time talking about brand values. However, it often never gets beyond that – it’s just talk. Then, somewhere along the line, these values get diluted into generic buzzwords. Innovation, quality, service, partnership… just insert brand name here to get started. True alpha brands are different; they live the brand and share a set of genuine brand attributes. This infographic explores what they are.

When the subject of B2B branding ever comes on the agenda we often hear marketeers cry "If only we were Apple or Intel" and, budget apart, our first question is why? All brands are in control of their own destiny and can share the same attributes as the brands they so admire. 

The problem is that these aspirationions rarely turn into reality and the dream gets religated to a couple of pages in a set of brand guidelines, used for reference and eventually forgotten or ignored.

This infographic explores what these attributes are:




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