David J. Boozer
David J. Boozer 25 April 2017

Content Audit Tips To Help Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Ready for a short and to the point blog post about 9 content marketing audit tips that are sure to help you better your marketing efforts? Great! Here it is

Internet marketing is not complicated, and it is not full of hard to grasp techie stuff either. When you get down to it, you are simply using 4 to 5 platforms here to build, brand, and manage success online. Hey, if I can do it for nearly eight years here, you can too.

So, let’s get to the content marketing auditing tips…

Content Marketing Audit Tips.

Like I said above, this will be short and painless, I promise. This simple list of content marketing audits can truly help you get started online the right way, the first time.

1. Who is your audience?

First off, who is your audience? Really, who are they and what are they like? As for myself here, I was looking at a 'beginner-to-intermediate' audience of people who were looking to start learning internet marketing or, who wanted to dive in a little deeper and were, in fact, ready to do so.


Simply put, your audience can be summed up in two to three words like;

  • Beginning tennis players
  • Fly fishing enthusiasts
  • Baseball fans
  • Bigfoot investigators

See how easy that was? Write down who your audience is now, and let's move on.

2. What are you offering them?

My other fun niche site offers entertainment and knowledge about its subject matter or, topic. What are you offering? Tips, help, education, or entertainment?

Here on this website, I offer tips and free tutorials to help people build, brand, and manage success with their internet marketing efforts. What you offer should be contained in about a few words to a very small sentence.

So, what are you offering them? Write it down now and let's move on.

3. How will they find you?

So, now that you have a persona in mind, and you know what you want to offer them, how are you going to offer it? In other words, how are they going to find it, and consume it!?

To tell you a simple internet marketing truth that many pussyfoot around, there are really only a few ways we consume content online, they are:

  • We read
  • We listen
  • We watch and listen

That's it. As far as human beings are concerned, these three ways are how we communicate, especially online. As far as I am concerned, you should focus on these few or more platforms for helping people find you, and learn from:

  • A website
  • A blog
  • A YouTube channel
  • A podcast if you hate video
  • Both a podcast and video if you can decide between either!
  • An email marketing system like Aweber
  • 3 social media pages or profiles

That is it for that as well. While there are a million and one opinions out here, if you notice, they are all opinions on how to use these platforms to be found on and to build a business upon.

Get you website, blog, YouTube channel, 3 social media profiles, and your email marketing system started when you are done with this post. Let's move on.

4. Why will they care?

By being helpful, you can be sure your readers and traffic in general, will care. Know, like, and trust is what we can build through great content, especially if that content is published on a regular basis.

I care about the content and people or brands that so much, that I actually bookmark certain sites and go to them daily or weekly for my own use.

Want people to care? Create value, and leave the shortcut fads of internet marketing go.

5. How will they interact?

Read. Watch. Listen.

There are only a few ways in which we actually consume content, however, compared to the million and one platforms to use to get that content out, we can get a little confused on where to start, and what really works in the end.

Here is what works, all the time, and every time:

  • A blog
  • Video or Podcasting
  • Email marketing
  • A sales funnel
  • A few social media profiles or pages

For any brand or business online, these few platforms for content is not only where and what you start with, they are also the reasons behind the success of most online businesses and brands, period.

It takes more than you advertisement on Facebook that goes to your landing page I ignored twice today myself to build something successful online.

You and I interact with value, no matter where and how we find that value online.

6. What will be their next step?

Becoming a subscriber, a follower, and most importantly to most online ventures, a valued and repeat customer, that is the natural step we want you to take.

No matter what part of the sales funnel they are in, you need to get them in there first. Remember, your free offer will be that "one" reason that people become a subscriber, a fan, and then a customer in the first place.

So, what is that next step? Where will the call to action come to move forward as not just a subscriber, but actually convert them into a customer?

It is a simple process for sure, but it is not an easy practice to master at first. You will tweak your sales funnel many times before it is a true traffic converting funnel, and that is just a fact.

7. Why do they share it?

So, why do people want to share your content? And why doesn't every piece of content get that viral feeling from your followers?

People share things because it makes "THEM" feel smarter, better, cooler, important, and so on. You can argue the fact with me, but it is completely and one hundred percent true.

We share value added content because it makes us look and feel better about ourselves with others. Create value, and you'll create a reason to go viral, and or, simply convert more traffic.

8. Why might they not share it?

Maybe it is not for their friends, or maybe it is not for them. Maybe, just maybe, the content you are creating is not desirable enough.

The reason people do not share things usually is because we miss it, literally, in the fast pace flow of feed updates, we miss all kind of content all the time.

However, at least some amount of sharing should be taking place, and if it is not, well, that is when we need to take a step back and look at the marketing efforts we are putting forth.

9. A solution for not sharing...

Proving it is for everyone. Okay, maybe that is a stretch, and if you find yourself and your marketing efforts a stretch, well, yeah, you might be going too far.

But, for the most part, everyone who is on your site is there for a reason, for it is for "all" who click through to it.

Create the content that delivers value, and stick to the internet marketing practices that work! Yes, you can test things from time to time, but don't waste time trying to force things to work, people will notice that and will not share your content, let alone subscribe.

Better Your Marketing Efforts!

Going through these 9 simple content marketing audit tips will seriously help put you on a path to success online with your business, period. If it does not, well, you simply did not follow it through.

Call me cocky, but it's true, I would know, my own internet marketing coach challenged me with these one day, and 110 days later, well, I was working from home!

Get to work!

David J. Boozer
David J. Boozer

Thanks for letting me share!

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