Simran Bhogal
Simran Bhogal 15 September 2016

Why You Should Be Super Excited about TFM 2016

200 speakers. 15 theatres. 100's of martech exhibitors. All free. TFM is delivering a super-charged show to match the pace of change in this exciting (yet daunting) time of marketing. With the dawn of smart analytics, A.I., marketing automation and a plethora of new technologies, marketing is transforming from an art to a science. Take a look at what you can discover at the show below.

2016 is an exciting, experimental and fast-moving time to be in marketing.

The speed of change is only increasing as smart analytics, A.I., marketing automation and new technologies transform marketing into a science.
Understandably, many marketing teams are struggling to adapt fast enough, under pressure to keep up with rising customer expectations and transform their business to a digital world.

These are some of the key themes keeping the marketing community on their toes, and we will be addressing at this year’s Technology For Marketing, 28-29 September, Olympia London.

200 speakers. 15 theatres. All free.

Running alongside eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo, the event will have over 200+ speakers, across 15 theatres over the two days, with top brands and experts covering all the important topics.

Add in a healthy dose of inspiration and we believe we have cracked the formula of a content programme that will keep you ahead of curve and help set your strategic direction for 2017.

Killer Keynotes 

Get ready to rumble with the Marketing Cloud All Stars


Watch on as Europe’s greatest marketing-cloud minds assemble & discover which of the big five truly offers your best cloud solution as the superheroes of marketing technologies reveal their hidden strengths. Register now >>


  • Sylvia Jensen, Snr Director EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud@smajensen
  • Jeremy Waite, EMEA IBM Evangelist, IBM Marketing Cloud @jeremywaite
  • Tom Smith, Product Marketing Lead EMEA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud@Thomas_Smithy
  • David Burnand, Marketing Lead for N.Europe, Adobe Marketing Cloud@davidburnand
  • Peter Bell, Senior Director Product Management, Marketo @peterbel

IBM Watson at TFM

IBM Watson is the world’s most talked about A.I. - transforming customer experiences and transforming lives. 

IBM Watson has saved lives from cancer, produced the first ever movie trailer using A.I. and even revealed the hidden personality traits of Harry Potter characters. Leading the way in A.I. innovation, Watson is showing the power of machine learning to shape our world. 

Visitors can hear how Deon Newman, CMO & VP Marketing, IBM Watson Internet of Things is unlocking the science of marketing. Register now >>

  • The Myth of Content Marketing

Content marketing has swept the marketing world by storm. More marketers say they are doing content marketing, and will create and distribute more content over the next 12 months. But sadly, most marketers really aren’t practicing content marketing. Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi will tell you why so many marketers are failing, and how you can actually succeed with your content marketing programme.

  • Rethinking the connection between humans and tech

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft invites you to consider how humans will evolve when ever-smarter technology is introduced in the daily basis. This keynote will help to shape your way of thinking about how we and our customers can immerse ourselves in technological advantages without losing the balance in both your personal and work life. 

Check out the keynote line up >> 

Be part of a live neuromarketing experiment with Lab

Behaviour from UX to EX: Using neuromarketing to put emotion at the heart of the brief and creating remarkable experience

Ecommerce stores are not exempt from creating remarkable shopping experiences. Just like shops on the high street, an online store should be an experience to remember. Tech will always change, but the one thing that will always be disruptive are people - which is why it is more important than ever to put human emotion at the heart of every design. Backed by principles of neuroscience, this workshop will educate attendees on why the future of UX - to be replaced by EX (emotional experience) - is in humanising the digital landscape.

Neuromarketing specialists Tom Head, Director and Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology at Lab, will analyse the Keynote Arena's audiences' emotional responses when exposed to different websites and marketing messages. Gain insightful tips and advice for how you can try experiments like this yourself. @TomHeadLab @DaryllScott                                       Register now >>


Discover cutting-edge marketing technology

Find the perfect tech for you by meeting with over 100 marketing technology and service providers, from marketing automation to social media platforms, showcasing solution to drive customer engagement.

Don’t miss: The Marketing Cloud All-Stars debate where Joe Pulizzi will referee as IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe and Marketo will go head-to-head to debate the future of marketing technology.  View the full  list >>

Learn from digital transformation leaders

We've gathered experts from different backgrounds to join a Digital Transformation Panel to discuss their own journeys and what could you learn from their success as well as their mistakes, including:

  • Stephen Ingledew, MD of Standard Life who will also run through Standard Life’s transformation, in particular focusing on the “human factors”
  • Iain O’Neil Nuffield Health’s Digital Director who will also explain how they keep digital efforts focused on improving the core business and delivering commercial results
  • Plus learn from case-studies such as RedEye with Hotel Chocolat and 3Radical with Zizzi and Mitchells & Butlers

Register for free now >>

Brush up on your marketing skills with...

This year the conference theatres at TFM are filled with practical advice on improving marketing for you and your team. Highlights include:

  • Dave Chaffey, CEO & Founder of Smart Insights presenting new Smart Insights / TFM research into digital marketing skills
  • Kelvin Newman CEO of Rough Agenda on 5 easy things you must do to improve your search rankings
  • Mike O’Brien and The IDM will host a series of IDM Academy sessions on Machine Learning, GDPR and digital marketing.

Register now >>

New BuzzSumo research unveiled and content heavyweights

TFM has partnered with BuzzSumo to reveal exciting new research into how content marketing works in different markets. Comparing several million of URLs, this in-depth analysis will reveal the content that resonates in 10 B2B and B2C markets.

Along with Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute other content sessions include Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners and Catherine Toole from Sticky Content. Sign me up >>

Get up to speed with the A.I. Masterclass

Artificial Intelligence is making a significant impact in almost every industry, so Steve King, Founder of much-hyped cognitive computing agency Black Swan will take you on an hour long A.I. Marketing Masterclass with practical examples from companies like Disney, Unilever, Boeing, and the chance to watch machine learning being coded in real-time. Register for free >>

3 events under one roof

Technology is breaking down between marketing, ecommerce and customer service, so new for this year we are connecting TFM with two other events: eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo.

The three shows together provide education and technology about the entire customer journey from customer acquisition through to conversion and retention into one experience.  Join the complete customer journey >>

All this is free.

Free event with over 200+ speakers of this quality makes TFM without question the best value marketing event in Europe this year.  What are you waiting for? Register to attend here.

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