Dustin Ford
Dustin Ford 22 September 2016

How to Use Branding Automation

Companies are in fierce competition for gaining the biggest client database faster than the rest. Branding is crucial for getting a business’ name out there and to stand out from the crowd.

Companies are in fierce competition for gaining the biggest client database faster than the rest. This is achieved through excellent services or products and great customer care, but it’s back by an ingenious marketing strategy. Branding is crucial for getting a business’ name out there and to stand out from the crowd. In the digital age, companies have implemented several strategies to help reach their potential user base through multiple channels. In fact, they have nearly become too many.

Digital content marketing is now a concept that implies several funnels, such as email marketing and social media. This goes from email to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to the lesser-used platforms, such as Pinterest. A marketing strategy no longer holds the same strength if it does not target every single channel.  For a big brand, it became a true challenge to keep up with each customer’s interest and purchase history, which was where branding automation came in. In this day and age, though, mid-size and small businesses alike need it as well.

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that the numbers for automation marketing would reach $4.8 billion in 2015, from the $3.2 billion in 2010. And they were right. The Email Marketing Census of 2016 found that 83% of companies are considering marketing automation as an effective strategy to boost conversion and communicate with clients.

Automation may sound like an impersonal and cold way of reaching prospective clients. It’s essentially a way to take manual marketing tasks and leaving them in the virtual hands of software. It can help with several tasks.

  • Contact management
  • Client database segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Customer nurturing
  • A/B testing
  • Email marketing
  • Performance measuring

By using branding automation, you can successfully improve conversion and personalization, in spite of the common worries behind it. However, there are certain pitfalls that a business should not fall into, and that is the well-known and dreaded “spam”. Automation can be used to send endless amounts of emails with a lack of real contact and click-bait titles. However, that’s the “malicious strategy”. There are ways to use it and at the same time differentiate yourself from the rest, and get noticed by customers.

Create Tailored Emails

Every client wants to be acknowledged separately, as opposed to an entity or a small part of a larger user base. The manual work that would have to be put into making personalized emails can be quickly eliminated through branding automation. However, a way to increase conversion is to always add more information. For example, instead of focusing solely on generating new leads and customers, concentrate on understanding more about your existing clientele.

Personalization has the potential of boosting your sales by 19%. Capture additional information and further customize your content to gain more attention.

Be Consistent on Social Media

Branding automation can efficiently help you to conduct your marketing strategy on social media. However, instead of manually releasing posts, you can use it to schedule them ahead of time. That will allow for a steady output of posts and shares, which will make your business look more consistent. Whether it’s news, social updates, or promotional material, planning ahead of time will be incredibly beneficial and will keep your social media page look neat and active.

Deliver Value

Email automation could be used to add more value for your customers if you include additional sources that they might be interested in. The best way to get noticed is to take the information on their purchase history and follow-up. For example, should they download a PDF from your website, you can use it to send a follow-up email that both thanks them and offers other types of content they might want. If they download a video, you can offer them the transcript plus additional comments. Nurture your customers and users through triggered emails.

Tell Clients About Content Upgrades

You can make great use of branding automation to send users news about content updates on your website. It’s a relatively new strategy that will gain more attention and encourage existing customers to continue coming back. In the digital age, advancements are made nearly every day, and your content will need to be kept up to date. It has been tested that these updates can boost conversion rate by 185%. Offer printable versions if it’s appropriate for your content, such as recipes, worksheets, etc.

Before implementing any strategy to get noticed by more potential customers, ensure that the security is pristine. Cyber criminals enjoy targeting emails, so you will need to remove any potential risk of malware. Check and re-check because prevention is always better than resorting to services that recover lost data. It is fixable, but the hit on your company’s reputation for secure services might not. Branding automation can be incredibly beneficial as long as it’s used responsibly, safely, and is backed by an excellent content strategy.

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