Faizan Syed
Faizan Syed 26 September 2016

Connecting Social Media & Lead Generation

Social media is much more than just a way to grow your brand and connect with your current customers. When done correctly, you can actually use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to generate real leads for your business.

If you have been seeking to generate leads more successfully for your site, you will need to go to where people are. With the current development in technology, everybody seems to be social media. There are different types of platforms in social media including Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. If you have a business and already making use of your social media connectivity for more traffic, it means that you can also use them and get more leads from it. Social media has become a very important tool that a person can use to generate leads.

Call to action

The goal of call to action is driving a customer into taking a desired action. For instance, it can be downloading a free eBook or subscribing to a newsletter. There are best practices in this technique which can enable one to generate huge amounts of leads and conversions. For instance:

Make CTAs bigger and bolder:

This is something to approach with caution. You will avoid making the phrase too large that it will appear annoying to your customers. However, it should be a bit larger than other elements on that page to make easily noticeable.

Color and graphic:

This is meant to make it welcoming for people to want to click it. It doesn’t matter whether it is button, link or an image. You try to use the different types of colors available. For instance, there are people who will use green vs red buttons. This will ensure they get more clicks and more leads will be generated.

Using the right content for CTAs

If you have ever been to site with a graphical image only to be surprised by the enticing message of what you will be offered with on the other side. Chances are that after that revelation, you are tempted to click on and see what some of the promised offers. This is an example of a call to action technique.

This call to action not only held your attention because of the attractive graphic, but also came with an offer than was too good to ignore.

In your call to action, you will need to keep it simple. For instance, “download x for free now”. This is a call to action which is simple for a visitor to understand. It also tells them that whatever program they are downloading is free. This is a technique that has worked for many companies such as Mozilla when they increased sales of their Firefox.

Social autofill

No one will make forms just to decorate their site. You are targeting your consumers to fill them whenever they visit your site. A lengthy form will repetitive fields such as name, address and birthdays is what will make this less likely to happen. Again, you don’t want to omit the fields which will give you the data that you need. This is why a social autofill form is the best to make use of. It will ensure you capture data quickly without wasting your customer’s time. Below are the importance of the social autofill forms:

  • Speeding up the conversion process

If your visitors will take longer to fill a form, then chances are that they may not do it at all. In fact, if your form has more number of fields for them to fill, then they will end up abandoning it even before they finish. Imaginary Landscape research has shown that those forms which only has four fields had 160 percent more conversions.

  • It engages your mobile users

Many mobile users are very impatient. In fact, most of them will only wait for less than 5 seconds for a page to load. This is why they will also need a form which functions properly and doesn’t involve a lot of steps.

Impact of social media in generating leads

The social media has recently revolved from an engagement medium. It has turned to be a major traffic source for anyone who owns a website. One thing everyone knows is that more traffic is an equivalent of equal opportunities. Some of the obvious platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn among many others.

For instance, the Maersk shipping company has amassed a huge following on social media. They have 1.7million followers on Facebook. On Twitter, they have an average of 130K followers shared between their two main accounts. This is a very huge following that they command on social media which generates more traffic than you can imagine. In 2012, the company was able to generate 150 unique leads from their campaign on Facebook. For a company in the shipping industry, these are a lot of leads.

Mobile vs Desktop users  

With the recent inventions, mobile design and optimization cannot be considered a secondary option. The desktops are the ones which should fall under this category. Google has already concluded that there are more searches on mobile than there are on desktop in ten countries including Japan and US. It is projected that by the year 2017, WIFI and mobile connected devices will generate up to 68 percent of all the traffic in the internet. This means that targeting mobile users is much better than desktop ones. Nevertheless, the latter also has its own share of traffic generated and thus should not be ignored.  


The best way to score with this move will be sharing content that will be truly valuable to your readers and one that will appreciate. Your content will establish you as a knowledgeable person something that writes will admire. People will ultimately want to hire you for their insight. Your content can touch on areas that have a direct impact on your audience. For instance, you can publish health content on advising people how to maintain hygiene even on their homes.

Faizan Syed
Faizan Syed

I think that it depends on where you are in life. Digital natives probably find it annoying that you get a phone call but I also think that the personalization requires either a phone call or F2F interaction before you customer experience is complete. Not everything needs to be like Amazon :-)

Jennie Anderson
Jennie Anderson

Great article Faizan! One thing we've noticed with CTA's, people prefer to visit a website, download free ebook, send a message, etc. than 'Call Now'. People do not want to talk on the phone, especially the younger generations.

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