Nicky Nikolaev
Nicky Nikolaev 15 September 2016
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Everyone Sells! Seal the Deal!

Everyone sells, you sell yourself, you sell your ideas! But what if the person right across the table gives you objections? Not very many people will go ahead and tell them they are fools for not going ahead with the deal right away. Do you know why?

It doesn't matter if you are on skype, on the phone, face to face with a client, if you have a product or a service, you could be in commercial real estate or some other type of business field.

The common things for all these examples are the steps that lead to a close. The final step of the transaction, the moment when you seal the deal. Using a closing question is not on a lot of people's list. Or sometimes people don't even remember to ask a closing question or make a statement that will provoke people to react.

But there is one VERY IMPORTANT thing you have to acknowledge. When you know that what you have is really valuable and important for your customers and you absolutely, positively believe with total sincerity that thing will most certainly help the people you're talking to... You will have to state and convey with sincere believe that it would be a mistake if they do not go ahead and take advantage of that opportunity.

It sounds bold and risky to some people but I believe that really works and from my experience even the statement "Do not buy this!", having explained all the details why, turned one of my past leads into a client that made the purchase as the client realized that I believed the sale was going to incur some extra costs even though it matched his needs.

You know why? Because the client knew what he was facing as consequences and he was ready to face them having weighed all the Pros and all the Cons. The presentation was focused on the clients' needs.

So, what are the main ingredients in your sales pitch?

Repetition - You want your listeners to remember the most important thing. In copywriting, be it for video, TV, radio or online, repetition is one of the most essential tools. So, what is the thing you want people to remember when you deliver a speech or present a new product?

Storytelling- Use a story to frame and support your thesis, get people's attention and make a point. Chose simple words so that you have a common language with more people and avoid misunderstandings.

If you do not believe in what you're doing, selling and so on, no one else will...

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