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Elita Barteaux 7 October 2016
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Top Ten Proven Tricks to Build Feature-rich Websites

Your business website must aim for better performance and user engagement to achieve customer loyalty. We bring you ten proven tips to build a feature-rich website which will definitely help you maximize revenues and sales.

Your business website must aim for better performance and user engagement to achieve customer loyalty. We bring you ten proven tips to build a feature-rich website which will definitely help you maximize revenues and sales. Here they are:

1. Make it content-rich

To attract potential buyers to your site and to convert prospective customers into repeat and loyal ones you need to share content that is not only informative and useful for your consumers but must establish you as a trusted authority in your industry. You need to educate your buyers about your products and services and also put editorial contents to share extensive subject knowledge about your industry. Thus, you would not only win the trust of your consumers but also win respect of other players in your industry. Furthermore, a well-formatted content will allow Google bots to freely crawl through your site and it will be helpful for your search engine ranking.

2. Go responsive

With more and more consumers conducting online searches via mobile devices it is not only wise but a necessity for businesses to optimize their site for mobile. Google recommends going for a responsive website design to provide a satisfying mobile experience to your customers. If your website is easy to navigate via mobile devices then it will reduce your bounce rate, keep customers engaged and boost sales and engagement.

3. Focus on site speed

Page loading time is the most important functionality that you must focus on to avoid turning away customers from your website. It not only makes you lose on conversions but also from top search engine rankings. Your customers are highly impatient and they wait only 7-8 seconds for a site to load before abandoning it for good. So, to reduce page load time cut all the fat from your images i.e. use lower byte compressed images and make minimalism your golden design rule.

4. Rely on Content Management System (CMS)

If you want to create a business website with interactive features and out-of-the-box functionalities then opt for a CMS suitable for your business needs. There are many options around like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc. which can enable you to create a customized store which is secure and highly functional as well as search-engine friendly. It enables you to keep your content fresh and updated thus making it a top ranking site. It also offers mobile optimization providing your customers with intuitive experience across multiple devices.

5. Aim for seamless navigation

As today’s customers are always in a hurry and access web information while they are on the go, it is of utmost importance to ensure they navigate swiftly through your web pages and do not quit your site. You must group your website content into specific categories to make search easy and fast. When you ensure hassle-free navigation for your customers, they make sure to visit your site again and again. Thus happy customers convert into loyal customers.

6. Integrate social media buttons

The millennial web users spend lot of time at social networking sites and if you want to engage them you too need to be active on social media channels. Share contents relevant to your customers on social media channels and make sure to concentrate on those channels that are most suitable for your business and your industry. Follow your competitors’ followers and share useful relevant information with them and let them know about your existence. Integrate social sharing buttons so that your visitors can share the content they like on their favourite platforms.

7. Incorporate videos

Include videos in your site but ensure they are in line with your design and fit intuitively with the surrounding web elements. They should not disrupt your design but rather complement it. Your customers would appreciate the ease of understanding the benefits of your products and services via videos and thus it would help you establish emotional bonding with them.

8. Include ‘Contact Us’ form

Contact forms help make visitor queries a bit clear and organized. You should get it designed in such a way that it grabs attention of your audience and encourage them to make a purchase. Keep it short, sweet and to the point so that customers can easily and readily fill it. Analyze that data and focus on improving customer relationship management.

9. Ensure cross-browser compatibility

By ensuring cross-browser compatibility you are assured of giving satisfactory experience to your users regardless of browser they choose to access your site. Moreover, it would also cater to the customers coming online via mobile devices and thus increase conversions and boost sales. It is also advisable to get your site designed by professional web development specialists and get it tested for cross-browser compatibility before it is launched.

10. Use genuine testimonials

Have you ever attempted to read testimonials before making an online purchase? Most of us have done and your customers are no exceptions. Include authentic real-life stories in your testimonials to build an instant connection with your customers. They must be valuable for your target audience and help them make informed decision. At the most they must target the positives and strong points of your business.

Hope you found these web development tips useful and you would utilize them to make a positive impact on your business bottom line.

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