Faizan m. Syed
Faizan m. Syed 31 October 2016

Social Media Engagement Before and Now

Before you hold your event, you can use the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build your engagement between those attending including new registered people. The problem is that many people have no idea how to drive an engagement for your event.

The best engagement is sometimes a simple response that you get from your visitors. Your customers are usually thrilled whenever you find time to interact with them and sort out their issues or questions. It is a sign of appreciation and respect for them. 

Some time back, people had not really entered the marketing field very much. Business had a hard time presenting their products to their audience. This is because they lacked the best strategies and platforms to do so. However, with the current developments, people can now access a wide range of products. Application software has been created to take marketing to another level. If you sell shoes in your company, you can be able to use an application to reach your audience globally using these applications. This enables people to reach a larger audience than it was possible before.

Engaging content

The type of content which is good for your audience as well as your business too., which will make your visitors stop doing other things and pay attention to whatever you are communicating. For instance, if it holds the answers to something they have been wondering, evokes laughter or generally helps them with crucial information. Using video content is a way to make your audience like your content.  

When you offer such content, then it will prompt people to share your content to their friends on other platforms. This will encourage the call-to-action since they already have trust and like your content.

See examples of good engaging content through here

Using value proposition

One of the key areas in marketing is being capable of making a convincing promise to your audience and then keeping it. This value proposition is the result of careful customer segmentation and market analysis. If one has a business, they should summarize to a customer why their products or services are the best to purchase. Such a statement should convince a potential customer that purchasing that particular service or product will solve a problem or add more value than other similar offerings.

Value proposition is one thing which will ensure a brand sells and that consumers have trust on the products than other similar ones in the market. It helps to differentiate a product from any competition that it may face from others.

Free downloads

People can now access free downloads for most products online. For instance, many companies are offering their products with a free download and installation offer. Mozilla for instance now offers its Firefox web browser for free. People will only need to search for the app and get a free download. This has also enabled many companies to huge amounts of conversion rates for their companies. Since there is no money involved, then many people are not afraid to give these applications a trial.

Trial periods for software

Before, there never used to exists trial periods for software. You only had the option of purchasing the software in order to determine if it is good for you or not. This inefficiency would turn people away from trying a particular software. However, nowadays many software applications come with a trial period of some few days if not weeks. This will allow a customer to download it and enjoy its services to determine if it is worth the purchase.

Content management software

Content marketing has made it easier for people to access huge volumes of valuable content. Techniques such as email marketing has been invented to ensure business reach a larger audience than ever before. There are also the all-in one software which have been introduced into the market. Such include HubSpot which is used in managing social media accounts, creation of landing pages and web content as well. Before, there never existed a platform which could be used to do all of this at once.

Such an application can be used to measure the success of your results in terms of customers and leads. This is a much improved way compared to the traditional page views, bounce rate, time on page and other non-effective analytics used before.

Increase traffic for your website

Organizers of an event can make use of the social media to attract people to the website which has information about the event. Since the website becomes an information hub, social media becomes a broadcaster. This is because it informs on both new and existing participants on what they can expect when the event comes. This will be a good way to drive traffic to the event’s website. It will also encourage new participants to sign up and thus increase more traffic. When traffic is increased, it means that your site will be more visible to more people. The more the visibility increases, the higher the number of people who will be aware of your event. This will greatly enhance your social media engagement.


When a visitor enters your website, you will need to offer personalized content depending on their desired brand entity. The content posted should be updated regularly so as to encourage movement down the sales funnel. This is without being turned off or distracted by information that is of no relevance to them.

Also, using dynamic website personalization is the capacity to change messaging, content and having offers displayed to a customer based on a criteria that has been set. The criteria can be designed in various ways such as actions, stage of the buying process, website behavior and content interests. Companies such as Hubspot and Marketo has been making use of the dynamic content in order to drive one-to-one customization. All of this is based on information that has been observed or collected from the website visitors.

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