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Hybrid App Development in the Year 2016

In case you're running an early-stage startup, you know how to take advantage of constrained assets. From getting the most blast out of each showcasing buck to moving the pace of a little improvement group, you should execute rapidly and effectively to guarantee your organization's prosperity. Most of the mobile application development company in chennai has started to use this technology.

This is one reason hybrid application development is so appealing: It permits you to manufacture iOS and Android applications all the while as opposed to writing code twice utilizing every stage's local dialect. The outcome is two applications for a large portion of the work, decisively the sort of proficiency an early stage startup pines for. Mobile app development chennai are opted hybrid mobile application development

The effortlessness of hybrid development was the driving element for choosing to embrace it when we started dealing with the Android form of our first application, Prep4GMAT. In any case, as we discovered direct, effortlessness and usability can accompany high expenses once your application gets more mind-boggling. Most of the apps are from mobile application development in chennai.

Challenges for the hybrid programming in 2013/ 2014:

WebView: the browser in the mobile version that was at that time by the manufacturers of iOS and Android only is neglected. This would be developed systems, even if they were well designed and programmed, not really commendable. Mobile app developers who belongs to mobile application development chennai embracing new platform nothing but hybrid.

Hardware Access: there were only a few interfaces via which you with frameworks like Sencha touch on the mobile-internal hardware, such as Camera, Memory, Touch, CPU (performance), movement sensor, etc. could access. Therefore had to be to many functions and advantages which a mobile terminal offers to abandon.

Speed/ Performance: Applications with frameworks like Sencha touch, were known that they were very slow. A comparison with native applications could not withstand.

Also the beginning of the year 2015 we had a mobile application on the basis of HTML5. Also here was the result of more than disappointing. The customer and its customers could simply do not understand why the system run so slowly and why are some functionalities which are in the native environment, were not available.  Most of the mobile apps development companies in chennai are embracing this new technology.

2016 - The Year of the change?

In the last few years and months more and more companies have a lot of time and money in new hybrid technologies. For example, Adobe, which in the year the technology of nitobi bought and it gave the name PhoneGap. This was then in the new release with Apache Cordova renamed. Over the years there have always been more API's (interface) for access to hardware own technology (Accelerometer, camera, storage, etc.). On the basis of Cordova are now some interesting frameworks for the hybrid app development emerged. For example ionic.

On the App Store can already applications on the basis of these technologies which several million times downloaded.

Also the WebView was in the new versions of iOS and Android taken into account which also shows that the focus further on this technology. Mobile app development chennai embraced all these techniques.

What will the future bring?

More and more vendors are positioned next to Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) and begin to build their own platforms. This also requires that if you want to reach all users for more platforms build apps. Had to be in the year 2013 only for iOS and Android programming, you need in the year 2016 already more than these two. Microsoft has with your Windows phone environment a further hurdle created for all users. Also the large Chinese manufacturer thinking about their own technologies.  So as a result a system has been adopted in tech world as enterprise mobility solutions india.

As a provider of applications for end-users is you finally have no other choice than to put on hybrid applications which you programmed once and for all terminals can use.

The dilemma

For a good application with frameworks like Sencha touch to write, you need very good and experienced developers. The fact that the framework only since a few years, or at least only in the last few years of popular, there are therefore also only a few good developers what a very good knowledge of these technologies. There is also the dilemma. Taking this as a note mobile application development chennai,  On the one hand, should be set in the future on hybrid on the other side there are not enough good people, which also perfectly mastered.

The Solution

It may be a way of thinking in the long term and is still on one of the frameworks.

This should be also look far into the future: how will the respective framework to develop? We will be in the future, with this Framework can cover all our requirements?

These are important questions, because if you later noticed that with the framework requirements are not implemented, then you may later change to a different framework. In the normal case this could also mean that everything from scratch.


To be honest, it is today still a risk on the Hybrid app development, since you never know exactly how the future will develop. In the extreme case is a total loss of its investments to. On the other hand, could you also work with the "safe" path of native programming with iOS, Android and Windows phone quickly before an investment case. For each platform it needs an own developers as an iOS developer is most likely not able to program on Android. So concluding  this every mobile application development company in chennai has turned out to jump in hybrid platform.

At the same time, the fluctuations in the market shares of the current provider (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) is enormous. A few years ago was still the ultimate iOS, today already a large part of the mobile terminals on Android. At the same time Microsoft swirls with the Windows phone market. Especially in emerging markets such as India, is Microsoft with their smartphones successfully. Leading this as a result Enterprise mobility companies in India and Chinese suppliers are increasingly coming in appearance. All this leads to an inscrutable technology market.

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