Chiara Di Rago
Chiara Di Rago 26 October 2016
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How Much Is the Content of Influencers Worth?

Since the rise of influencer marketing the debate on whether or not brands should pay influencers or not, remains a frequent question.

While marketers are happy to pay celebrities large amounts of money to promote brands via their social channels and even to become brand ambassadors, many brands remain hesitant when it comes to compensating bloggers/ vloggers for their work. Once we have moved passed just offering free tickets and products as compensation to influencers, brands and influencers still need to figure out how much to pay/charge.

One issue that still exists within the influencer marketing space is influencers not being sure what to charge, and brands not being sure how much to pay. In the past, there was nothing for influencers or brands to use as a benchmark. We can’t compare celebrity social profiles with that of an influencer, as an influencer’s audience is often more niche. This is however changing!

Today, there is technology able to estimate the social value of an influencer's tweets and then give them a guideline on how much to charge per social post. The Twitter calculator uses an algorithm which takes into consideration the following factors: The influencers engagement, reach, relevance and resonance, as well as what other influencers similar to that person are charging. With this information the calculator is able to generate an estimated cost, in less than 10 seconds.

With the cosmetics industry being one of the fastest markets to adopt influencer marketing. There is no wonder some of the most successful influencers are beauty influencers According to a recent study conducted by Fashion and Beauty Monitor in association with Econsultancy, the changing markets of the fashion and beauty industry as a result of digital technology has been most impacted by influencers.

In light of this, one can only wonder just how much the most successful UK bloggers could earn per Tweet, the results are likely to shock you too!




I think it's safe to say the hard work of all these influencers has paid off. 

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