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Featured Snippet: How to Rank #0 on First Page of Google?

Those who have online presence or work in SEO/digital marketing field, all want to score #1 position on Google. They think that by ranking first, they will get maximum traffic. It was a fact before Google launched Snippet, but after that, ranking #1 is not as important as ranking #0.

Ranking #0 in Google Words is called Featured Snippet. Two years ago, Google launched Featured Snippet to answer the question of users without bothering them to click a link.

Let’s elaborate more…

What is Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippet is the brief answer to the users’ asked/typed question on Google search bar. It is displayed on top, before other search results, on Google’s first page. Users’ don’t need to click the link to get the answer of their asked question unless they want to elaborate more.
Here is the example of Featured Snippet:

Here is the example of Featured Snippet:

The prime goal of Featured Snippet is to show exact answer of users’ query, so it can be presentable in any format like paragraph, numbered list, bulleted list, etc.


Here’s one more example of Featured Snippet in different format.


Why You Should Care More about Featured Snippet?

Being business people / SEO executives / Digital Marketer or any one with online presence, you must care a lot about Featured Snippet because according to a case study done by Search Engine Land,

  • There was a 516% increase in sessions after one keyword started showing result in Featured Snippet.
  • Click-through Rate raised from 2% to 8%
  • 677% improvement in revenue was noticed from organic visitors

Apart from this case study, Featured Snippets cover many other benefits including:

  1. They hold #0 position
  2. It maximizes your page’s authority
  3. When your page shows the quick answer to users’ query, they won’t look further to search more which automatically decreases the competition
  4. When users’ find out that you have the exact answer of their question, they will quickly jump to your page without thinking twice. This will give a major boost to your traffic.

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How to Occupy Featured Snippet Space on Google?

Here comes the key point of this article, how to occupy Featured Snipped or #0 position on Google.

First of all, you have to rank on first page of Google organically. Make it clear, I am telling you to rank on first page not on #1. 70% of Featured Snippets didn’t come from #1 rank on Google; instead, they come from first page, especially from first five results of Google page.

After that, follow the below given steps to rank #0 on Google Page (to achieve Featured Snippet Space on Google Page). These tips will also help you rank on first page on Google, in case if you don’t have that position.

1. Target keywords: This step is extremely easy for you if you are striving in marketing world since years. Target your most important keywords that you think or analyse your users are most attached with. These keywords will take you to most common queries asked by users that belong to your niche.

2. Identify the most asked question based on your keywords/niche: Once you are done with keywords, you have to go a little deep. Search for most common questions asked by users relevant to your keywords as well as your niche. You can take help from sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. Users often come on QA sites to either ask the question or to answer the others questions. Just put your keywords in search bar and you will find lots of questions asked by users.

Don’t rely on only one question to get space in Featured Snippet. You have to try for a few, so Google can choose the one that matches best with users’ query. From QA sites take a few questions asked by most of users and get ready to put them within your site.

3. Put the Questions on Your Web Page: After collecting your questions, its time to put them on each page of your website. Ask the picked questions on your web page and be ready to answer them too. Devote one whole page for one question; with this you have to allocate 3-4 pages on your questions. Why you need whole page for one question, we will discuss about it in later part of article.

4. Implement a Proper Formatting: Header is a quick way to show Google and users what your page is about. It is recommended to put your questions under H1 or H2 header to keep attention of users towards question.

5. Provide a Clear Cut Answer: Forget the whole article, first of all, put your 100% focus on how you can provide clear cut answer of the question in brief because this is the only answer Google will focus on when it considers to take your content on Featured Snippet.

I know it is impossible to answer many questions in brief for e.g. we can’t explain the whole cooking recipe in one paragraph. If you have questions like this, it is preferable to write your answer in bulleted/numbered list. So Google will consider your main points to reveal in Snippet just like the illustration given below:


6.In-Depth Article: As I told you to assign a whole page to one question, here is the answer: because it’s a lot easier to optimize a page with single question than a page with multiple questions. Also, after reading your brief answer, users may wish to explore more. Surely, they will click on link to get the details of your answer. If you have in-depth article of your question, you are eliminating all chances of users bumping to other sites. In short, you have SEO plus user-based reasons to write an in-depth article of your asked question.

Are you done with everything you need to try for Featured Snippet? I am sure this article will help you. Along with this, I would like to give you some more tips that will help you on your journey from Top 10 Rankings to Featured Snippet.

  • Featured Snippets appear more with questions like “What”, “How”, “How-to” and “Why”.
  • Don’t target your questions with common dictionary words like ability, facility, expertise, etc. For e.g. you can’t target questions like “what is talent”. This will reveal dictionary meaning of talent.
  • If you achieve or already have Snippet position, then keep updating it to ensure constant traffic flow and to avoid competitor’s chance of stealing your position.
  • Make your content more scannable using heading, ordered, numbered or bulleted lists because according to Get Stat’s studies, ordered lists has 41.6% higher rate on featured snippet than regular content.
  • You can update your content if you rank on first page of Google but not getting Featured snippet space.
  • Your content must have an 8th grade reading level or higher.
  • If you are in product or service-based business, better you should create content revealing the cost of your services. Queries based on word “cost” are more likely to pop up with content showing exact cost of product or services. Here is the example:


Key Takeaway

At last, let me tell you the heights of possibilities with Featured Snippet: Imagine a situation where you are asking for directions from your Smart Car. At that time, it won’t tell you each direction revealed on first page of Google. At that time, Featured Snippet will be the only answer of your Car. That is how Google is trying its best to keep up with the pace and to ignore the future complexities. And that’s why you also need to walk with Google.

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