Brad Chuck
Brad Chuck 4 May 2016

Why New Age Digital Marketeers Are More than Just Marketing Executives

Dispelling the myth that marketing professionals just simply work as a marketeer

10 years, or even 5 years ago, the role of a marketing manager or professional in any business was resolute and essential to the operation and development of the company.  The task was relatively simple; 'Place the Company in a Positive Light' via standard marketing trends in magazines, on TV, on Billboards and on the internet.  Many of the biggest retail and consumer companies would go one step further and simple hire a media planning and buying agency to do all the negotiation work for them. 

Fast forward to 2016 - Snapchat has all of a sudden become the must go to place for digitally marketing to the new millennial audience; Facebook's new algorithm structures make PPC more problematic; Google is taking over the world and the role of the Marketeer has hit a brick wall.  Why would a marketing person simply just market when the digital revolution is in full swing and demands a higher breed of digitally minded professional?

I give you the 'Full Services' Digital Media Professional.  Why would anyone who worked in the digital marketing industry not insist on being experienced, knowledgeable and qualified in:

  • Marketing
  • Business Development 
  • Management 
  • Partnerships 
  • UX Design 
  • Planning 
  • PR
  • Production 

The very notion of a marketing manager must represent so much more.  How can we offer full scale support and understanding to clients if we are unable to evaluate and plan their campaigns? 

Seeing huge brands and companies waste money on multiple positions is alarming at best.  We need to see more fully rounded and experienced media professionals that can cater for all services in a job function.  Beware the new age modern marketer with multiple skills and qualifications.... 

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