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Meet Parmar 17 May 2016
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Virtual Reality or Real ‘Virtuality’

Virtual Reality (VR) technology advances a lot to give lifelike experience in games and apps. The blog talks about its scopes to make the virtual world more realistic than ever.

Today, we live in the world dominated by technology and social media. On one hand, both have given us facilities to express ourselves in front of others while making our lives more comfortable, on the other hand, both have gifted us a secluded life. The major reason for this apparent contradiction is a lack of co-existence between the virtual and the real world. However, technology comes to rescue us through introducing two innovative concepts AR and VR to bridge the gap between virtual and the real world.

Both AR and VR have a direct connection with reality, and these revolutionary concepts are being developed to offer lifelike experience to the users. It is interesting to see how these technologies strive to ‘appear’ more real than ever, but we will put our focus on VR in this blog.

Various media channels are engines of empathy. Cinema is an epitome of the communication medium that allows us to experience the world from others’ viewpoint. It acts as a catalyst while making us more compassionate and empathic toward other people. This unique characteristic makes cinema more realistic. When it comes to the futuristic technology, VR has an ability to generate and maintain empathy in our mind.

Take an example of Oculus Rift. It has captured most of the imagination of the public and is now making it a stunning reality using technology. Oculus Rift has created and cultivated an idea of fully immersive dream worlds. VR devices in the future will also follow the same path where we will inhabit the other world in infinite mind spaces. In a way, VR technology is going to conceive an idea to transform the virtual world into the real one. We can say it a real ‘virtuality’.

Real Virtuality-Future of VR lies here

When a technology-mediated dream world appears as the real world, the term virtual reality converts into real ‘virtuality’. Such a realistic technique allows us to share our dreams with one another through using VR technology. It has an immense scope as everyone has a cosmos of the imagination and it facilitates us to visit any person’s dream world. When VR becomes more realistic, the intimacy increases and we feel like turning ourselves inside out. Anyone can actually ‘see’ inside our head regarding imagination and fantasies.


Octopus is a new icon for VR

Octopus can adjust with its environment through adapting necessary changes. It can wear its mind and nervous system outside the skin to merge with environments. Similarly, we can change our voice and facial expressions while communicating. When we thoroughly embrace VR technology, we also wear our mind outside of the skin to feel the intimacy and experience imagination and fantasies of other people.

In future, it is fair to mention that we will able to exchange and share our feelings through more realistic VR technology.

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