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Rasin Bekkevold 3 May 2016
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The Magic Web Design and Development Tools You Must Know

If website designing is your passion and this is what you crave all day long, then we have just done the right work for you and compiled the full list of awesome web design and development tools.

They are handy, mesmerizing and fascinating with all its ability to surprise you and make things easier for you. Tools are the obviously powerful elements of any design and development process creating amazing set of instructions for web design experts to adopt and implement.

There is plethora of free tools that work as resources to enable you to get the best out of your design endeavors. Utilizing these tools, you can produce the most coveted, user-friendly and intuitive interface to ensure the enriched user experience on the website you have built. So without further ado, let’s explore the usability of these terrific tools.


There are helpful design apps, platforms to create full sites, and resources for font, icon, and image freebies.

Adobe Color CC

This is an amazing free online app that web design experts can leverage to create and save color combinations, with schemes coming in five different variations.

Google Fonts

Fonts are the important elements of any online web content. Appealing fonts is every web owner’s dream. This is where Google Fonts helps locate and add quality fonts to your website with agility and ease. You will find the eternal wealth of open source fonts out there, and get a chance to browse, compare and select most appropriate font families. All you need to do is to derive the code to integrate it to your web font collection.

Type Genius

Another nifty fonts assistant is Type Genius which is a truly simple web app to store and secure appealing font combinations and variations. Here you will see a suggestion for a free font pairing as soon as you select a start font.


Every website and web apps need good icons that define particular function to enhance user experience.  Iconfinder is a search engine to access icons. Just enter your likes and search through almost 900000 icons some of which are premium and the rest are free.


Unsplash is website that hosts free photos that are dynamic in appearance. There is no constraint like observed on stock photos websites. You can modify and make changes to the images and then use it the way you want. You will find 10 selected photos every 10 days supported with gallery of sample website using the Unsplash images.

Stock Up

This is also a search engine tool that collects and displays stock photos from openly available stock photo websites. The site contains more than 10000 images currently.


It is one destination for texture seekers. It posts useful free textures that can enhance your web design. The range includes textures from concrete, wood, fabrics, liquids, dirt, glass, and metals.


Canva is an online graphic design platform with special attributes that enables even the non-technical designers to create graphic designs and layouts easily just with drag-and-drop features. You can use its graphic resources to create menus, banners, social media graphics, and more. It is available in both free and premium services.


It is a magnificent photo editor that comes free and helps enhance the image quality with facilities like special effects, overlays and filters. You can pick and choose from the gathering of effect sets and lift the look, effectiveness and feel of your image. Stylize the images the way you want.


Webflow provides you with an all round web design platform to produce responsive pages of your website.  Initiate your design with blank background to creatively design from scratch or pick a template to get started fast. Build animated and expressive design that interacts best with viewers without worrying about writing the code.


This is a great app for creating small and medium websites, promo sites, landing pages to display products and services and offerings of your website. Here you can place the blocks of your choice on your web page and edit them according to your requirement. You are open to choose from the large collection of readymade blocks.


The most popular framework Bootstrap is an open source solution for creating websites and web apps. Equipped with impressive range of custom HTML and CSS components and templates, you can depend on it to create forms, buttons and much more.

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Jatin Arora
Jatin Arora

I add webflow, Pixlr in the list of new web design tool.

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